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We are a drive-thru coffee franchise offering award winning coffee, espresso drink, real fruit smoothies & amazing teas. Join our team & succeed in the coffee industry!" People and their love for coffee can be traced back to its discovery in ancient Ethiopia where shepherds noticed their sheep seemingly dancing after chewing some random berries off a plant. Instantly, humanity found their new love. From making a couple of sheep frisky, to becoming the second most traded commodity in the world, coffee has been on quite a journey throughout the years.

Coffee has been a big business for ages now. Coffee shops around the world are famous for their versions of the beverage. It’s all basically the same thing served in different cups right? Not really. When you’re dealing with coffee, the slightest change in the blend, the mix, the volumes of different added ingredients, even for specialists who are very critical about their coffee, the vessel in which a cup is brewed can also make a difference. This is the reason why frontrunners in the Coffee Franchise business have been able to drag the world’s third most consumed beverage into the popular culture.

Coffee in the modern times is more than just popular; it’s omnipresent. Countries that can’t grow it, are importing it in the highest volumes to keep their local dwellers satisfied. The USA has to be one of the major players that bought coffee on the global industrial map. Opening a Coffee Franchise is more often than not a very viable start-up business if you really know your coffee. One such excellent franchise from Ashland Oregon is The Human Bean. Out of the 500 billion cups of coffee consumed in one day around the world, the best and the most delicious ones are found at a drive-thru in Ashland by The Human Bean. With a catalogue full of appetizing and innovative new beverages, The Human Bean is quickly becoming a favorite coffee shop for the local residents with their signature brews.

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The Human Bean is a leading Coffee Franchise from Ashland Oregon. Best known for their inbred blends and innovative finished products, The Human Bean is making a mark in the coffee industry. For more information, visit

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