My elder sister was suffering acute sinusitis resulting in blocked nose mostly all the time and she could hardly breathe especially during the night. My elder sister was suffering acute sinusitis resulting in blocked nose mostly all the time and she could hardly breathe especially during the night. Her problem was severe that is the reason why we took her to many ENT surgeon for her sinusitis treatment, when she the medications and nasal sprays her trouble subsided for a while but as soon as got off from them the same problems used to arise, due to this she was not able to concentrate on studies. Her health was also deteriorating as she wasn’t able to sleep and eat properly.

The numerous visits doctors for sinusitis treatment and the medication used to give her only temporary relief. We could see her get troubled and suffer but were not able to cure her.

Then one fine day of of my father’s friend came to our and after seeing my sister gave the reference of Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva who specialises in sinusitis treatment. He told us that he is the best ENT surgeon in Delhi who has successfully treated many of his patients for sinusitis, ENT problems and also from snoring.

We were very impressed and decided to take my sister to the ENT surgeon Dr. Sachdeva. When we met the Doctor he advised my sister to go for CT scan for a detailed investigation on her sinusitis treatment.
After seeing the report he got to know that my sister’s nose bone was a little bend so he told us that my sister will have to go for a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS) which would solve the problem as her nose bone bend on the left side and then treat the sinus on the right side of the nose which were the main reasons for the nose blockage.
We immediately decided that with complete faith on the best ENT surgeon my sister will undergo the Surgery for her sinusitis treatment.
The doctor told us in advance what basically he will do in the surgery, so we had a complete insight on that part and also the recovery process. My sister was operated by the best ENT surgeon and the operation was successful the very next day she was discharged from the Hospital.
Now my sister is able to breathe properly, she is able to lead a normal and healthy life, she even went to college 2days after the discharge from hospital, all thanks to Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva who treated her so well and made her happy and healthy again.
The expert ENT surgeon took all possible steps to ensure my sister got the best sinusitis treatment and a great recovery treatment too. His staff was very helpful and friendly when we were in the Hospital even the medical equipments that Dr. Sanjay uses are of top standards and function really well.
So anybody seeking ENT treatment and is looking for an ENT surgeon should definitely go to Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva, he is the best and he will make sure that you get the best treatment.

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