Causes of Piles and Herbal Treatment to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

If you are suffering from the problem of hemorrhoids then you should look for herbal supplements or natural piles cure to get long lasting result. Pilesgon capsules are best herbal treatment to cure piles naturally.
Piles are the common name for hemorrhoids that are inflamed, swollen tissue or veins found either inside or outside the anal area. They can have a range of sizes, and they may be internal or external. This may cause bleeding while passing stool with an unbearable sensation of pain. This causes the area around the anus to become swollen, red and itchy causing severe discomfort to people. Piles are generally originated due to the increased pressure in the lower rectum that causes the blood vessel around anus will stretch or swell. The main causes of piles can be summed up as

• Persistent constipation

• Diarrhea that lasts for longer time

• Lifting heavy weights

• Hormonal changes during pregnancy

• Straining when passing a stool

The Healing from the Nature

Apart from these, another cause of piles is it can be inherited and the chances increase with age and this requires immediate attention. While looking for a cure, people mostly tend to lean towards the herbal treatment of piles that do not cause any side effects to the body unlike the allopathic medicines. The natural treatment to cure hemorrhoids includes

• Applying coconut oil around the affected area is very helpful in relieving the pain and reduces the piles effectively and is known as the best natural treatment to cure hemorrhoids.

• Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most popular natural treatments to cure hemorrhoids that are quite effective. It just requires applying the ACV around the hemorrhoid area to help resolve the symptoms quickly.

• Witch Hazel is well known astringent that has healing effects, it is also known to treat piles naturally at home. Soaking a pad with witch hazel and applying it to the affected area is quite effective treatment.

• Aloe Vera is the most natural cure for the causes of piles as it has properties that can relieve symptoms by just applying them on the affected area.

The Herbs to Soothe Meritoriously

These natural treatments to cure piles are very effective, but there are herbal treatment for piles that can bring good changes to the symptoms. Some of them are

• Rutin that is a very effective bioflavonoid is a popular treatment for hemorrhoids that is also quite inexpensive.

• Nagakesara is a flower whose powder is an effective herbal treatment for piles that is given to the patients daily, three times in the dose of one teaspoon.

• Haritaki provides relief from piles when there is bleeding along with inflammation and pain.

People may not find time to get these natural treatments, so for them an easy option is available in the form of Pilesgon capsules. This is the most effective herbal treatment to treat piles naturally at home, which can cure the various forms of internal and external, and bleeding piles. It contains Ayurvedic products that relieve pain and discomfort of piles. The Pilesgon capsules avoid constipation and make the passing stools painless. The astringent properties present in the tablet assist in the toning of the vascular muscles that will improve the elasticity of hemorrhoid veins.

Making the necessary changes to the diet like adding more fiber rich food, drinking more water, adding more vegetables and fruits can prevent constipation. Adding exercise to the regime can ensure a healthy lifestyle that will keep the piles at bay.

By: Adron Goleman

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