Do you want to stay ‘Fit & Healthy’? Check out ‘My Fitness Tracker’ App now!

'My Fitness Tracker'- an Android application through which you can check your present health status! "Eat more Food" - If you are "Thin".
"Do day by day exercise and pursue the best possible eating routine" - If you are "Fat".

You feel revolting by hearing those sentences, isn't that so? Clearly, it is difficult to put on weight and also losing it!

Not to worry! You've recently come right!

In spite of the fact that, there isn't any supernatural diet formula which can help you with losing/gaining weight in just 10 to 15 days! It is a constant process. To stay 'Fit and Healthy' you will have to take care of your body each and every day.

'My Fitness Tracker'- an Android application through which you can check your present health status! You just need to enter your own subtle elements, for instance, 'Age, Weight, Height, Waist, and so on' and your health report will be generated!

This report will contain the following data:

1) BMI (Body Mass Index): The degree of mass (Fat) in your body.
2) Ponderal Index: Measure of leanness.
3) Body Fat (%): Percentage of the aggregate body that contains fat according to your weight.
4) Body Type: Whether you are having Apple, Straight, Bell, or Hourglass body shape.
5) BMR: The number of calories required to keep your body working very still.
6) Water Intake: Amount of water you require day by day.
7) Your Ideal Weight and Waist.
8) Amount of Protein you require each day.
9) Amount of Calories you have to get/consume every day.
10) Carb Counter: Amount of Calories you have to get/use every day
11) Calorie Counter: The number of calories a person needs to eat each day.

The amazing part about this application is it gives you entire data about every one of the factors mentioned above and the "Perfect statics required for your body' too!

At long last, you simply need to have to work on maintaining your fitness report to the 'Perfect Level' to remain 'Fit and Healthy'! How stunning it is?

This is the perfect time to show your strength! Download "My Fitness Tracker and Daily Health Care Statistics App" from Play Store, and show that getting fit is not any more troublesome now! :)

By: Prashant Gandhi

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