Cancer may be the most frightening word in medicine it has the potential to make your life change suddenly and profoundly after a diagnosis. Cancer may be the most frightening word in medicine it has the potential to make your life change suddenly and profoundly after a diagnosis. The initial shock after cancer diagnosis gives way to a realisation of the tremendous physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that lies ahead.

Same turmoil struck as when we got to know that my Uncle who lives in Delhi only has been diagnosed with the so called frightening disease. The news hit us all like a thunderbolt in fine weather and my father being elder to my Uncle was going through a burst of emotional turmoil.

Beyond the emotional turmoil that accompanies a cancer diagnosis, it is the patient who faces a practical necessity: to develop a plan to live with and fight cancer.

A cancer diagnosis surely is likely to feel overwhelming. So we went to our Uncle’s place to make him aware that resources are available to support you every step of the way and by taking help from the best cancer hospital he will be ready and up again.
My Uncle is a well educated man so convincing him to give a visit to a cancer hospital in Delhi wasn’t a problem. We started reading and researching and there were a lot of hospitals in Delhi which had specialised cancer treatments but what caught our attention was The Balaji Action Cancer Hospital. The positive goal of treating and curing everyone diagnosed with cancer irrespective of class and status made us believe in the best cancer hospital, The Balaji Action Cancer Hospital.

After researching on the best hospital in Delhi for cancer treatment we found that
The Balaji Action Cancer Hospital has all the modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments with its 2.5 acres of land the full-fledged super-specialty cancer hospital is equipped to handle all types of cancer cases. The International Standard infrastructure, equipment and technology are there to provide specialty cancer healthcare. The best cancer hospital and the best of its kind, The Action Cancer Hospital is equipped with the latest equipments, which includes..Delhi’s 1st Rapid Arc Radiation Machine, 16 Slice PET.CT & Gamma Camera, 1.5 Tesla MRI and 64 Slice CT Angio. The doctors are very experienced and the best in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment and they work towards treating patients both by relieving stress of the disease mentally and then treating it physically.

We went to the best Hospital in Delhi with our Uncle for further treatment information where we were guided by specialists to make informed decisions, in order to understand the cancer treatment options, which could include:

Surgery (a major or minor operation to remove cancer)
Chemotherapy (using anticancer medication that acts throughout the body)
Radiation therapy (using high-energy beams or implants to kill cancer cells)
Immunotherapy (using products of the immune system as medicine against the cancer)

We were relieved after talking to the specialist that now my Uncle will receive the top most care in the best cancer hospital.

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