Member Implants: A Primer for Concerned Men

When a man is faced with the idea of member implants, he might be worried about many things, including his manhood size and function. Here’s what a guy needs to know. In most cases, tumescence dysfunction can be treated via a variety of methods, including natural options, medical treatments and medications. But for some men, the doctor might bring up the idea of member implants – and that means a guy has a lot of in-depth research to do on the subject. Those who do choose member implants might wonder many things, such as what it will do to his manhood size and function, what kind of manhood care will be required, and much more. Here’s what a man needs to know about member implants.

How member implants work

The vast majority of member implants today are inflatable. They are designed with an empty cylinder that fits inside the male organ, a reservoir of saline inserted near the bladder, and a small pump hidden within or near the sacks. When a man manually activates the pump, the saline in the reservoir is sent into the empty cylinder, thus making him ready for action. When the deed is done, he can simply reverse the pump and the saline will flow back into the reservoir.

As a bonus, when the male organ is not hard, no one can tell a man has an implant. This can help him avoid questions from friends or not-so-discreet individuals at the gym.

There is another type of implant, known as the malleable type, which has fallen out of use in recent years. The malleable implant is a semi-rigid rod inserted into the male organ, which means a man has at least a half-tumescence all the time. As a guy might imagine, this can be embarrassing or uncomfortable; that’s part of the reason this particular implant is not commonly offered today.

Benefits of member implants

Many men who have member implants see a great improvement in their sensual lives. In fact, studies have shown that 89% of men are happy with their choice to get an implant. It’s a very promising way to restart a sensual life that was held back by tumescence dysfunction, and many men find that the hardness is pleasing. Those who suffered from severe Peyronie’s disease tend to be some of the happiest with their decision, as the member implants can remove the curvature and extend the male organ length.

Dangers of member implants

However, there are dangers associated with any surgery, especially one in an area as delicate as this. And getting a male organ implant is a permanent decision, as a man will never again be able to get a tumescence without the help of a pump. Over time, the pump components could begin to break down, which might mean a second surgery to replace them. There is also often a concern about nerve damage.

Most men find that some of their biggest complaints stem from the way the male organ looks after the procedure. Since the implant doesn’t completely fill the male organ, the saline doesn’t reach all the way up to the tip, and so the tip of the male organ looks different during excitement than it used to. Besides that, the pump might actually reduce the manhood size a bit by decreasing the length during tumescence.

On the other hand, men are also aware that without the implant, they might not be able to have intimacy again at all, regardless of their size. For most, having a smaller manhood size is a good trade-off to being able to enjoy sensual relations again.

When a man has an implant, manhood care often remains the same – he should take care to provide his delicate male organ skin with the nutrients it needs. He can do this through the daily use of a powerful male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should specifically look for a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E, the better to provide ample hydration. Another great ingredient is alpha lipoic acid, which fights against the free radicals that can make male organ skin look older and less resilient.

By: John Dugan

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