My aunt was 57 years old when she went to her consultant physician because she wasn’t feeling well. My aunt was 57 years old when she went to her consultant physician because she wasn’t feeling well. Seeing some signs of an infection her consultant doctor prescribed her some antibiotics and expected her to recover quickly. But only three days later her feet were so swollen that they had doubled in size. We immediately took her to the best heart transplant surgeon in India Dr.Kewal Krishan who revealed that my aunt was in heart failure. It was a big shock to all of us but we knew my aunt and his life was in best hands of the best heart transplant surgeon in India, Dr.Kewal Krishan.

Dr.Kewal Krishan who is an lvad expert said that my aunt should be immediately admitted and she needs an LVAD surgery. Dr.Kewal Krishan who is the best heart transplant surgeon in India told us that a left ventricular assist device or LVAD, is a mechanical pump which is implanted inside a person's chest in order to help a weakened heart pump blood but unlike a total artificial heart, the LVAD does not replace the heart. It only helps it do its job. We got to know from the LVAD expert that it can mean the difference between life and death for my aunt who was in a position of no return. LVADs are called a "bridge to transplant". It is a reliable and long term therapy that helps in improving organ perfusion and thus the quality of life.

More than 28000 LVADs till now have been implanted globally and 10000 patients are on device at present. Out of these huge numbers more than 500 patients are on the device for more than 10 years. LVAD is the only alternative that offers a ray of hope to thousands of patients whose hearts are either too weak to survive and those patients who are waiting for a heart transplant.
LVADs can also be used as ''destination therapy'.'

So, the doctor very patiently and calmly explained to us how important the LVAD is for my aunt, in order for her to survive even a few months.

The surgery was successfully done by the best lvad expert Dr.Krishan and under his best and expert hands the surgery of my aunt was successful.
The whole team of Dr.Kewal Krishan took great pre and post surgery care of my aunt.
The 10 days when she was in the hospital under the care of Dr.Kewal Krishan we were always answered for our queries and questions.

Before leaving the hospital the best heart transplant surgeon Dr.Kewal Krishan explained to us what care and precautions she would be needing until the heart becomes available.
We really want to thank Dr.Krishan for handling the critical case of my aunt with such ease which gave all of us hope and confidence. We will always remain grateful to him.

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