Advantages of Taking Up Yoga Teacher Training for a Better Living

Yoga teacher training course enlightens your soul to the world around. It is an amazing opening process, gaining knowledge and growing. Whether you take up 200 Hour, 300, 500 or 100 Hour course, there is a learning, experience, awakening, growth, health, connections and energy to face the challenges. You are now out of your comfort zone to experience all that is far more beautiful, serene and peaceful than your personal life, and best of all you become a good yoga teacher who would further spread the knowledge among your people and make this world a beautiful, peaceful and a lovely place to live. You can do yoga at home or at a local studio, but taking up yoga teacher training course is different. It takes you beyond the physical, mental and emotional growth, to be infused in the world of yoga and instill the qualities of a yogi; moral values, humility, servitude, and courage to endure the world.

Irrespective of whether you are only a year into the practice or a seasoned veteran, there is a lot more in yoga that needs learning which you would know in the yoga teacher training course, how to utilize the power in you and gain immense benefits from the same.

Below are some of the reasons why you should take up the course?

Enhance your personal yoga practice

In the course, you would gain more understanding of your body, practice to train your mind, known about the alignment principles in each pose, and modifications and variations.

Get deeper understanding of yourself

As you start understanding and getting to know about your body and yourself, the life would be ultimately changed for you. You would learn how to observe and view yourself and the world around you. Find out different patterns that play in your life. The best part is once you have gained awareness, many new other opportunities are opened and you see yourself growing.

Learn different life-changing skills

In the yoga teacher training course, you not only learn yoga but also what yoga teaches you about life. You would learn new living skills, to communicate, to love, to become associative, develop better awareness and connectivity. These all qualities help in the personal growth.

Make new friends and develop connections

The course gives the opportunity to forge new connections and get participated. There is a love, deep connection, and willingness among the participants to show up, help and support one another, through the learning phase. The participants develop strong bonds with each other, remain connected and develop the lifelong friendship.

You would become a leader

You would gain the leadership qualities, and become the accurate preceptor of your weaknesses and shortcomings, which would help you become a master of your destiny. In short, you would see lot of changes in yourself which would be not only inspiring but also highly motivating for others.

You would become a good yoga teacher

Naturally, the course is all about making you a yoga teacher, but not everyone can become a best a teacher, to achieve that quality and reach high caliber requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can gain that through yoga teacher training course.

By: Ekam Yogashala

Steve is a Yoga teacher at Ekam Yogashala, which is Yoga Alliance, USA certified school for Yoga Teacher Training India and provide 200 hour Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh, Kerala and Nepal.

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