Cleaning Your Roof: The Right Way

Trinity Roofing specialises in the installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of domestic and commercial roofing,serving mainly the Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife areas in Scotland. Living in Scotland means you are subject to adverse weather conditions. As time goes on, your roof will become dirty through exposure to such elements, collection of debris and moss. In order to sustain a healthy roof, it is of utmost importance to regularly clean it as a neglected roof can eventually lead to leaks and other related roof issues.

The health and safety of those carrying out any roofing work should always be considered first as a matter of priority. Work should only commence when all the correct safety precautions are in place:

Protective clothing should always be worn but should particularly be worn if there are bleach solutions being used. It is also always advised to wear shoes that provide good grip.

Around the roofing area, there should be a secure structure erected. Ladders should be fixed to the structure in areas where access would be suitable. When the ladders are being fixed to the structure, always ensure that there is someone holding the ladders at the bottom.

Despite popular belief, the use of a pressure washer is not advised. Using a pressure washer can have a damaging effect on the roof as well as its materials.

Natural debris that is collected can be easily removed by the use of a broom, a blower or simply by hand.

Moss can often irritate and worsen a potential leak. This is because moss has the ability to carry moisture from one location within the roof to another. Moss can often carry moisture to the laths which can become rotten. If the laths become rotten, it gives access to more water to travel down underneath the roof. It is for this reason that steps should be taken quickly to ensure that moss is removed as soon as it begins to appear.

You must use the top of the roof as the starting point if you wish to remove any instances of moss. One by one, remove all the tiles and scrape away the moss from the tiles. This includes removing any moss from all ridges and grooves. Using a sweeping brush, gives the tiles a good sweep to remove any remaining stubborn bits of debris. There are no specific requirements for disposing of the moss.

As you go through the process of examining each and every tile, you may notice some tiles have suffered cracks or slight breaks to corners. In this event, the tile should be replaced as any broken areas of tile could allow for the flow of water.

By ensuring that your roof is cleaned regularly, it can greatly reduce further roofing complications and leaks from arising. Furthermore, a clean and well maintained roof looks much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, with a consistent cleaning regime, you can aid the tiles reach their intended lifespan and, in turn, keep the laths beneath as healthy as possible.

By: Marie Deery

This article is written by a professional contractor having years of experience in roofing business. If you are looking for roofing services in Edinburgh and Lothians region then do visit Trinity Roofing ( Just get in touch with expert here and clear your queries.

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