Floor Sanding: Things You Need to Know About This Vital Floor Preparation Step

Floor renovation or installation is best carried out by UK Screeders with experience and expertise in sanding in Guildford. Without floor sanding, the floor installation process will remain incomplete. Since sanding comprises the use of high-end machines and equipment, it is important that professional services are availed for the best flooring outcomes. Are you thinking of installing a new floor in your Guildford residence or revamping the existing one? The first and foremost step to floor installation for any residential or commercial construction is screeding Guildford. Most professionals make use of flowing or liquid screed nowadays because of its fast application, quick drying and minimal risk of cracking. But, if you own a home or associated with the construction industry, you might already know about screeding. The step that most people forget is sanding. Generally, people make the mistake of laying the final floor covering right after screeding. Keep reading to know all about floor sanding and its importance so that you do not make the same blunder.

What Does Floor Sanding Mean?

Floor sanding is a process that comes after the flowing screed has been laid on the floor, and it is settled and dry. This is a crucial step before the installation of the final floor covering because it helps to remove all the laitance having loose surface. The removal of loose surface helps in the floor seal to function efficiently when the new floor covering is laid on top of it. It does not matter what kind of floor covering you are thinking of installing, floor sanding in Guildford is a process that is recommended for all types of flooring. In case you skip this step, you risk your new flooring to have bumps and an uneven appearance. You might even have to re-do the entire floor installation process because furniture and other fixtures will not stay on surfaces that are not smooth and even.

How is the Process of Floor Sanding Carried Out?

A lot of people have made DIY sanding attempts, but they have failed because this procedure requires the use of highly specialised machines and equipment. These equipment are not readily available for rent. Also, the process is not as easy as it sounds. The different steps to sanding are as follows:

● First, the entire floor has to be cleaned and made sure that there it is completely clean of nail or any other such sharp materials. This is important since the sharp materials can potentially damage the sanding machine.

● Once the floor is clear, professionals use large belt sanders and drum sanders that make use of coarse grit papers for the first cut and initial stages. They are not only used on the main floor, but also along the edges, corners and stairs.

● Third, edger sanders are utilised for the sanding process and during this stage, boards are cut or holes are filled.

● Fourth, sand papers are used that have double grit and a second cut is carried out.

● Fifth, a finishing machine or finishing sander is utilised in order to provide the final touches to the sanding process.

● Sixth, after the floor has been sanded, the professionals spray sealants according to the type of floor covering to be installed.

What are the Advantages of Sanding Before Floor Installation?

Sanding is beneficial in enhancing the durability and longevity of the floor that you are planning to install. If you carry out this process properly, you will be able to prevent any future troubles in the process of flooring. After the completion of sanding, you can install tiles, vinyl, carpet, hardwood or any other floor covering of your choice. The final floor covering will look as sophisticated and refined as you expected.

Since the sanding process is such an elaborate one, it is advised that you avail the services of professional UK screeders. They will make sure that every step is carried out properly so that your final floor covering is exactly the way you had imagined. Get in touch with professional sanding service providers, today!

By: Mark Seekings

Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. offers floor screeding, sanding and underfloor heating solutions all over the UK. These UK screeders work towards providing advanced flooring solutions to homes and businesses. They provide turnkey solutions to constructors, renovators, local home builders and developers for the installation of floor. As experts in this domain, they also bestow guidance to the clients before they initiate the process of floor laying.

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