Modern tiles Patterns to Match Contemporary Decors

Tiles are durable and not ordinary these days. So, the manufacturers provide more stylish and luxurious tiles. The modern tiles look creative with the inkjet printing technology. There are numerous patterns created here in monochrome and color. There are designs, colors, colors and minute details being mimicked in the tile. The medieval age patterns, wood, brick and natural stone are easily got on the tile.

Unique Looking Stylish Tiles

Manufacturers are concentrating on every pattern and each looks unique. They match with any type of décor. The tiles suit any type of other tiles whether it is traditional or contemporary. Here are some of the tiles which is a fusion of the traditional and modern tiles.

Taupe Porcelain Brick stone gives the look of aged brick. These are 21/3x10 inch tiles which give the rustic elegance and beauty to space. The taupe and gray colors with a rough texture, shades remind aged bricks. They can be laid in the herringbone pattern in a traditional space. The modern space with traditional looking tiles would be a perfect match with the best office furniture.

People liking floral patterns on the floor can go for La Fleur Kenzzi Porcelain. These tiles are 8x8 in size from Turkey. They look like European tiles with a modern update. The encaustic floral patterns are elegant in gray and white colors. These floral designs are very simple and it is better to keep the other parts of the room also simple. Plain white walls and sofa matches with it perfectly.

If you are a lover of linear lines then Silver Eramosa Porcelain is your perfect choice. These tiles with linear lines give a high-end look. These tiles are the reflection of Canadian limestone. They have the same signature linear lines which can match any contemporary décor. Porcelain is perfect for moisture-prone areas like kitchen and bathroom. The gray and greige colors gives the calm looks of the spa.

People are using the exterior space and decorating it as well. The kitchen is also extended here and the Argento Travertine Arterra Pavers are perfect for this space. These tiles can be used for interiors or exteriors. The soft swirls on the surface can give the calming and gentle movement and harmonious pattern to the living room or patio. These durable porcelain tiles come in the large size of 24x24. The surface has white, cream, gray and taupe colors with a matte finish. The larger tiles give more space for the contemporary patio area.

Haven wood Saddle Chevron porcelain Mosaic gives a stylish zig-zag pattern. This chic look gives an endless visual interest. These matte finish tiles have amber tones and warm brown hues. These 12x15 Italian tiles lighten the tiles and live the room design. The pattern and color give life to space.

For contemporary décor and natural stone, looks choose Anthracite Sophie Porcelain. These tiles are 12x24 in size in gray color and tonal veins. These lovely veins give a high-end look to space. They can be used for flooring or for wall installations. They can be combined with other porcelain colors and design tiles or even natural stone tiles to get a contemporary cool look to space.

By: Amy Brown

There are many trending patterns of tiles available in the market. These patterns become the main focus for the commercial and residential space. Visit us for more information

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