Pull the minimalist look with an Indian Touch

Well, if you are an admirer of clean and minimalist look for your home décor, this is a piece of article for you. Well, if you are an admirer of clean and minimalist look for your home décor, this is a piece of article for you. Minimalist houses are mostly preferred because, it takes less of time, effort and money to create one. Moreover, the constant pressure of keep buying things to add to the home décor is much reduced because we are aiming for a minimalist look. We have actually observed that all our clients who have kept their interiors quite minimal are leading a peaceful life. When you house contains only the basic things for use, it is very easy to dust and clean. The more things you add; the more clutter it creates in the end. Whether you are working towards a new home or are planning to remodel the same one, the following are some of the ground works that needs to be done before adding anything.
• Clean the surfaces
The first thing that you need to do is to clean the clutter spread. You simply need to get rid of the hopeless rugs, bills, piles of books, clothes, keys and so on. Take off everything from the wall to create a clean canvass to work on. Empty your mind by emptying your covered up spaces.

• Note of essentials
In doing so, you must retain what is essential for you. Keep making notes, it will help.
The following are some pieces of advice from our side for a journey towards a minimalist home:
1. Investing in sleek furniture
You need to invest in a sleek furniture and get rid of everything that is not important. Let your walls act as a perfect backdrop for your designer furniture and this setting will provide you with the perfect minimalist look, you were looking for. Make sure that there is no carpet or rug lying there.

2. Work with neutral canvass
We will put in very simple, work with the base colours for the walls such as whites or off white or beige. You can then buy the cushion covers according to that. Whichever bedsheets you buy online will match with these neutral shades giving you the perfect minimalist look.

3. The pops of colours and textures
Instead of adding plenty of colours, you can very well go for one colour card and use the same colour in different textures to enhance the look.

By: Nikhil Kumar Singh

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