Resin Driveways – Making the Smarter Choice

To enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your house, the paving of the driveway plays a crucial role. Of all types of paving systems, resin bonded driveways are an extremely popular choice because of its numerous benefits like aesthetically pleasing, durable, low maintenance, flooding and weed resistant, no loose stones, and more. <p>Of late, flooding has increased considerably which had made people more aware of it and made them search for smarter options. This has made the demand of permeable <strong>resin bonded driveways, Kent,</strong> considerably. There are numerous reasons behind this choice amongst many types of driveways and patios. Few of the reasons why people get sold to <strong>resin driveways Sittingbourne</strong> are –</p>
<p><strong>Aesthetically pleasing</strong></p>
<p>Our house is like an extension of our personality. Thus, we go to great lengths to add a unique beauty and wow factor to both the interior and exterior of our house. <strong><a href="">Resin driveways Kent</a></strong> can prove instrumental in raising the curb appeal of your house’s exterior ambiance. With no travails of dealing with cluttered stones, you can get a beautifully smooth and accessible finish to your driveway. The versatility it provides in terms of style, design and color are mindboggling. Be it any style or décor; you would be spoilt for choice. It is perhaps the most sustainable, practical and versatile option that never fails to please!</p>
<p><strong>It’s permeable</strong></p>
<p><strong>Resin driveways Kent</strong> provides natural filtration. All rainwater easily seeps through its sub base thereby facilitating a natural filtration and thus helps in reducing and removing impurities and pollutants arising out of oils and metals. This permeability decreases surface water run-off and any kind of flooding or formation of puddles. You would never have to deal with the hassle of standing water.</p>
<p><strong>Inhibits weed growth</strong></p>
<p>Since no water is allowed to stand and has a smooth surface, weeds do not find any space to grow in between or at the edges of the driveways at any point in time. This reduces your maintenance work to a great extent while simultaneously keeps the pristine beauty of the <strong>resin driveways Sittingbourne</strong> intact.</p>
<p><strong>No loose stones or damage </strong></p>
<p>With other types of surface like loose gravel surfacing, it is quite common for particles of stones to come out loose or get washed away during rain or even while cleaning. This leads to the formation of potholes and irregular surfaces which can be especially painful for children and with kids around. However, the resin application on the driveways resists this. They make the surface impervious to movement thereby leaving everything well organized and intact every time. Thus, it becomes an ideal choice.</p>
<p><strong>It’s Suds Complaint (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems)</strong></p>
<p>This is a requisite laid down by the Environment Agency. It is a water management system which helps manage both flood risk and water quality. Resin bonded driveways thoroughly fulfill its requirements.</p>
<p><strong>Helps curb the ‘heat island’ effect</strong></p>
<p>Hard surfaces made from materials like asphalt, concrete and similar materials tend to absorb and store heat leading to a ‘heat island’ effect. In contrast, the resin surface allows the soil underneath to breathe and thereby reducing both surfaces temperature as well as the ‘heat island’ effect.</p>
<p><strong>No planning permission required</strong></p>
<p>Some types of driveways may necessitate a planning permission. However, you are freed of this hassle for permeable surfaces as well as for areas less than 5m2. This makes your job much easier.</p>
<p><strong>Requires minimal maintenance</strong></p>
<p>Constructing the driveway is never a problem. Maintaining it is always a tall task. But with resin bonded driveways, it is a smooth walk. All you need to do is periodic sweeping and an on and off power cleaning to leave it as spic and span as new.</p>
<p><strong>Durable </strong></p>
<p>One of the biggest advantages of the paving system is its resilience. Depending on the specification and design selected, it can easily last for a minimum of 15 years and over 20 years easily. This is a welcome relief in the inflation age of today.</p>
<p><strong>Cost effective</strong></p>
<p>Because it can last quite long and have little maintenance. Its repair requirement is also considerable lower than other types of paving system. Thus while it may look expensive in terms of its initial cost when compared with other paving systems, it ends up being cheaper in the long run.</p>

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