What’s Rajouri Known for?

Café and restaurants have grown faster in past few years. Reason behind this is the younger consumers and competition in the market. Café and restaurants have grown faster in past few years. Reason behind this is the younger consumers and competition in the market. Café or bars or lounges gives you a place to chill yourself and have alcohol and food with music and dance and that also for a very pocket friendly cost. Two major parts of delhi which are famous for their café and bars are hauzkhas in south delhi and Rajouri garden in west delhi.Rajouri garden is a clean and clear choice of place to go when searching for a cafe in west delhi to hangout. Around every month a new cafe in rajouri garden opens with a new theme and new offers.
Todays youth love to socialize a lot and café and bars are the best place to catch up with friends or dates. Rajouri garden gives you a number of options to go for a party or a date. Alcohol and food served here is inexpensive which does not affect the youth’s pocket. Different cafe bar in rajouri garden have different themes, some may have safari theme or some have a jail theme and some also have ghost theme. This is not a very old concept of having a haunted theme. If one is looking for a different experience, they should obviously go for haunted restaurant in delhi. This kind of restaurant gives you a haunted feeling and is best for birthday parties. Main agenda of haunted restaurant in delhi is to give you taste of food and feel of fear together.
Cafe bar in rajouri garden have their own brewery where they serve fresh beer called draught beer. Most of these bars have this to attract as many as consumers to them. Draught beer is the beer which is not matured and is consumed fresh.
Rajouri garden is in west delhi and is a crowded place always so it will be better if one is planning to go there they should take metro to rajouri garden where it is linked with red and blue line. All the cafe in rajouri garden are nearby so one can walk around the street and choose where they want to go. Almost every day you will find a new offer in each and every café in west delhi. With food and alcohol, hukkah and dj is also there to make your party more happening.
Are you a food lover?
Rajouri garden is the best place for the foodies to visit. You just have to think about the cuisine and you will surely get that in one or another restaurant. You can easily find Chinese, Indian, continental, Mexican etc. not only these, it is also famous for its tasty street food.
This place is not only a hub for foodies or party animals but also many food bloggers are fond of these cafe in rajouri garden. Rather than spending money in organizing a house party, go for these café and bars in rajouri garden and enjoy the food, alcohol and music without any pre-preparation.

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