Even Items of Daily Use Can Become Valuable Gifts

Gift a coffee lover a travel coffee mug as a going away gift, and that person will think every time she/he drinks any beverage from that mug while on tour Most people imagine that gifts need to be exotic items. Think about it, and you will realize that there are many items of daily use like pens, notebooks, towel sets, clocks, keychains, and coasters which make valuable gifts. Remember, it is not the price tag, but the utility of the item, and the thoughtfulness behind the gesture which makes a gift prized.

Capitalize on Need

The best corporate gift ideas are those that capitalize on need. Consider the need for beverages. Almost everybody needs to drink some kind of beverage not just tea or coffee even if it is just water, at different times of the day, and even night depending on the nature of work. This makes those smart hip flasks such an excellent idea. Ladies can slip it into their hand bags, adolescents into a tote bag, and men into an overcoat or hip pocket. The best suppliers would be able to offer you a wide range of options for colors, designs, and sizes to suit your purposes.

Convert your gift into a continuous advertisement: Gift a coffee lover a travel coffee mug as a going away gift, and that person will think every time she/he drinks any beverage from that mug while on tour. Another kind of gift would be bags. Depending on the kind of industry you operate in, you might want to give tote bags, sling bags, or handbags as a corporate gift, since these items are amenable to customization. You can get the name of your leading brand or your company’s name printed on them, along with contact information.

The Closer It Is to Your Industry, the Better

You should try to align your business gifts from Singapore to the industry you are in. For example, if you are in the travel and tours business, then giving shoe bags, or TSA locks at a corporate event makes perfect sense. On the other hand, if you are in the hospitality industry, or in the food processing industry, gifting special cutlery sets, wine bottle openers, even lemonade sets are excellent options. However, gifts like lanyards and headphones make all-encompassing gifts for any industry as they are handy for everyone regardless of age and sex.

Avoid: Avoid choosing any gifts which are overly personal. Perfumes make up kit, toiletry bag, crystal ware and clothes like tank tops should never be given as business gifts, unless you are in the cosmetics or haute couture industry.

By: Mike Smith

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