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Being a marketing manager of a mobile brand, I have been given the sole responsibility to look after the sales of the department and take necessary steps to increase the sales. Being a marketing manager of a mobile brand, I have been given the sole responsibility to look after the sales of the department and take necessary steps to increase the sales. Increased sales means the increased demands and to capture the interests of the customers we must add new features to our existing products which are admired by the consumers. Sometimes, providing discounts, free gifts and some other sales promotion techniques are not so effective. It was the matter of concern for now to boost up the sales as the sales are falling down continuously over the time due to the better features added to the substitute products. Now, as we have made certain changes and added better features to our existing products, I wanted the features to be noticed by the consumers of mobile phones. So that the product can become more popular and come into demand by the people in comparison to the other periods. I was analyzing the various successful marketing techniques which can boost the sales in a shorter duration and can make the customers aware about the new features and products we are adding to our brand. Various forms of marketing are prominent based on the traditional approach such as mouth to mouth publicity, printing posters, advertising over the TV etc. But, now the trend has been different. Everyone business person is adopting and moving towards the internet based marketing that is Social Media Marketing Company- The use of digital platforms to promote the products and reach a greater mass of people. I was looking forward to approach a genuine and reliable digital marketing company which could help me in boosting up the sales of my product through the use of internet. I came across a great and renowned digital marketing company namely Digital India Leader located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company could help me in achieving my target through the internet world which is the most popular means of communication and promoting a product. I contacted digital India leader to know more about how the use of digital marketing is beneficial for my business. The professional staff guided me in the accurate manner. So, i decided to move up with this digital marketing company. Digital Marketing includes mainly 4 parts- search engine optimization; email marketing, pay per click and social media marketing. The concerned person explained me about each one. The search engine optimization provided by the Digital India leader is one of the leading one which helped me to get my business ranked on the top of Google. The company helped me to expand the network and customers over the social media through social media marketing. Email marketing and pay per click also played a crucial role in increasing the sales of my product. The company served as one of the best digital marketing company by providing reliable and amazing facilities over the internet which helped me to boost the business. The internet marketing proved to be a boon for the business with the help of digital india leader.

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