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Sharp Circles is an internet marketing company specialising in Search Engine Optimisation. It helps small and medium sized businesses to improve their websites in order to gain great visibility, attract more visitors and generate more leads.
Sharp Circles is an internet marketing company specialising in Search Engine Optimisation. It helps small and medium sized businesses to improve their websites in order to gain great visibility, attract more visitors and generate more leads.

The company is a professional consultancy, with a simple hierarchical corporate structure. The management team consists of senior consultants, who are responsible for most of the daily activities of the company, such as handling enquiries and communicating with the clients to understand their requirements. The senior consultants are also involved in managing their individual teams, and hiring and managing their own teams - this includes interviewing new employees, assigning and managing their day-to-day tasks, evaluating their performances, guiding and mentoring their team members, and so on.

The CEO is the primarily responsible for being the face of the company - heading the company's aims and direction, in charge of public relations, sales and marketing, giving media interviews and delivering public speeches.

During my time at the company as an intern, I found that the allocation of tasks was clear, and I felt that the company has smooth operations and shows great potential for growth.

The services that Sharp Circles provides are mainly in SEO and related areas, with several SEO subscription packages that the clients can choose from, and the company diligently follows the specific details of the packages to optimise the clients' websites on an ongoing basis, throughout the lifetime of a client's SEO subscription. The company also conducts periodic events, providing free public seminars, delivering speeches and contributing to the growth of small and medium sized businesses in different states throughout Australia. The objective of these talks is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the importance of SEO, the basic principles involved and how SEO works.

Sharp Circles provides SEO service in a collaborative manner, so the clients can tap into the company's SEO specialists’ knowledge and expertise, gained from years of experience. In this regard, it is quite different from other digital marketing companies, in that Sharp Circles allows its clients to be involved in developing the digital marketing strategy for their websites. The consultants at Sharp Circles can enable their clients to achieve the desired results through their internet marketing campaigns.

Since SEO is a fast-paced and dynamic field, so it is important to update strategies and tactics at all times. And SEO is also more complex in 2019, since is not only about adding a few keywords to improve the organic search rankings and increase the visibility, but also something related to emerging trends, technological advancements and assumptions of the audience.

Sharp Circles also provides a free website audit tool on its website that enables clients to optimise their websites themselves, by providing them a detailed SEO analysis report for their websites. Users of the tool can follow the simple steps provided in the audit report that the clients can receive via email - the tool is totally free to use, without any obligation to make a purchase from the company. There are no mandatory charges when you use the tool on the website. Clients only need to worry about making payments if they want professional help from company's SEO specialists - the company provides clients with expert SEO advice and support for a very affordable and reasonable fee.

The high quality SEO techniques that Sharp Circles uses are in line with Google’s latest algorithms and best practice guidelines, and the SEO experts in the company are highly knowledgeable with collective experience of more than 35 years which - this ensures that the customers’ requirements are met adequately and the results delivered are of the highest quality.

To ensure that the services provided by Sharp Circles improve the performance of the client's website, the work carried out includes on-page coding work, for example using appropriate meta information and tags and changing the structure of the website, if required. This work may require developers to review all codes and find and fix any improperly created code. Part of this work is assigned to interns to enable them to get hands on experience in such areas, particularly in WordPress. This helps the interns at the company get more familiar with the platform of WordPress, and this experience enables them to learn how they can create a new website quickly, and then manage and maintain it efficiently. In addition to working on WordPress, it would be even better if the interns were able to perform other types of work - for instance coding in other languages that they have never learnt before together. This would be a good way to enhance their skills in writing code in different programming languages.

The working environment in Sharp Circles is very nice and pleasant - the working areas for the interns is spacious and comfortable. Working here makes people feel happy and relaxed. The supervisor is a very kind person who is really patient when you have questions about the tasks that you are assigned or if you have any questions about the company, she is happy to assist at all times. Working with friendly colleagues helps people improve their working efficiency.

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Mike worked at Sharp Circles as an intern for a 12-week duration, and here's Mike's account of the company, as well as his experience during the 12 weeks. For more information visit:

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