Top Logo Design Trends To Watch In 2019

The logo design industry is becoming fast-paced and what was popular a year ago may not create the same impact. While companies are looking for new and effective ways to attract the customers, the logo designs need to stay in track. Quite naturally, designers are facing a hard time to follow the logo design trends. On the other hand, experts study the trends of logo designs that are likely to stay long-term and short-term trend to help the designers to understand the changes in this industry.
The trends today suggest that the logo designs are going to stick to the basics and the clean or minimalistic look is the key. You must have gone through the trends of the industry in the past. Perhaps, it is time to peep into the new concepts and designs in this industry. Human beings try to familiarize with identifiable patterns in everything they do and follow them closely, and the same works in the case of logo designs as well. What are trends to dominate the logo design industry in 2019?

Simplistic designs

To begin with, the trend is simplification, something that exists for several years but still shows no signs of looking back. Whether it is branding or logo design, the trend is to put in ideas that are simple, so the companies may decide whether to refresh the existing logo to make it simpler or design a completely new and clean logo. Although the simplistic designs continue to dominate for many years, the reason for choosing such designs may differ for the companies. For instance, a few companies may want to design a new logo if they want to stay away from the controversies that surround them, for the rest simple and minimalist designs stays the preferred choice.

Dominance of bright colors

The bright colors are among the top logo design trends this year and have been like this for the past few years as well. When a trend tops the charts for such a long time, there is no reason to clarify that it is going to stay unabated this year as well. According to the trends, this year will see a combination of vibrant shades. While the bright shades can be adapted for any brand, the primary reason to use is to enhance emotional facet of the audience through the logo design. Businesses may also try to incorporate the colorful 3D logos during this year. For companies that are keen to play with colors may embrace their brands with those services that specialize in colorful logo design in Vancouver and stay updated with the trends.

Authenticity is the key

Not all the logo designs in the market are going to compete for minimalist and simple designs. A lot of them are going to follow different approaches as well. The simple designs are suitable for those companies where digital presence is the key. However, for those organizations relying on the natural aspects to enhance the aesthetics, it is all about authenticity. Often the brands need to be themselves instead of aping the trends of hundreds of other businesses.

Metallic designs

Although the metallic logo designs are not new, they are going to be one of the frontrunners this year. It is no longer the only trend that applies to the jewelry companies, but the in thing for another reason. The metal designs are undoubtedly more impressive and the shine of the metal conveys the message more effectively.
Geometry in logo design
One of the most valuable aspects of logo design is to simplify a complicated figure. With big and small sizes of logos, the geometrical designs can be made on flat or 3D images for capturing the real essence of the brand and conveying the message gracefully. For graphic design services, you can analyze the expertise and the skills of a few companies before narrowing down to make the right choice. For instance, hiring reliable Graphic Design Services in Vancouver seemed to be the right choice for a Canadian advertising agency looking for a website that communicates with the visitors.

Semi-flat designs

For companies planning to stand out from the rest, the three-dimensional feel is definitely going to be the focus this year. The semi-flat logos are likely to gain popularity as they offer the best solution for businesses with a strong online presence. For achieving this effect, the designers use gradients in different shades, and it is going to stay due to the technological advantage, which conveys that your logo design is modern and up-to-date.

Logos with neon

The neon logos are going to portray an upward trend especially because the designs of the 80’s are likely to make a comeback this year. You can adapt the logo design with the neon sign or chooser to keep it for print or digital collateral.

Summing it up

When it comes to the trends of logo designs in 2019, there is a lot you need to watch as different designs continue to adorn the brands. Whether it is the creativity of illustrations, the minimalistic and simplistic designs, or various forms of typography, the year is going to be special in terms of new logo designs.

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