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Suppose you are one of the people who asks why you must wear slippers in summer, check out these reasons for wearing home footwear is just the best. Suppose you are one of the people who asks why you must wear slippers in summer, check out these reasons for wearing home footwear is just the best. We’re sure we do not need to twist the arm in getting you to wear cozy and comfy summer slippers. However, in case you are not convinced that by wearing house footwear is downright essential during summer months, so here are some reasons of wearing best summer slippers that will make you slip those wonders of your feet.
Slippers Decrease Your Risk Of Colds & Flu
Experts warn on having the cold feet will increase your risk to catch colds and flu. Actually, when the feet get cold, it changes in the way our body can fight off the illnesses and disease. Chilling your feet causes the blood vessels in the nose to constrict. This is the protective reflex action that slows down the loss of heat from your body and keeps you warm. Skin goes white, inside of the throat and nose goes white as well as blood flow to the nose is been reduced. White cells, which fight the infection can be found in blood, so there are lesser white cells for fighting this virus. Being cold slows down movement of your small hairs in the nose that actually filter out the germs that will increase the risk of developing any sicknesses during the chilly weather.
Slippers Keep House Clean
Soles of your footwear you wear outside actually are dirtier than the toilet seat. They have vomit, feces, grime, dirt, and many bacteria that have 90% of chance of transferring it to your house floor if you do not remove your footwear before stepping into your home. To keep these nasty grime off, make sure you take your shoes before entering the house and wear summer slippers.
Slippers Keep You Productive
Many studies have also shown that the relaxed workers are productive. Nothing signifies the relaxation like donning a nice pair of fuzzy and best summer slippers. So slap one pair on the cold feet and start working on the things like organizing the tax documents, updating resume, balancing the checkbook and starting a novel that you have thought of writing.
Slippers Decrease Risk Of Fungal and Bacterial Infections
There is the reason that fancy spas send out the slippers to their guests who’re visiting the sauna, pool, or another public facility. The summer slippers generally act as the comfy agent against the communicable foot diseases such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus infections. Thus, don’t wear slippers only to feel pampered. But wear them to keep both your feet healthy.
Slippers Prolong Life Of Socks
The socks wear out very quickly in case you wear them in your house, and if you are lucky to receive them for each holiday, you know how much expensive these buggers would be. So, give your pocketbook break by wearing best summer slippers instead of socks while you are inside.

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