6 Tips to make it Through College Admissions

Colleges are no longer relying only on GPA and standardized test scores to accept applications. Find out what else you can do to differentiate your application.
With college applications on the rise, it is very important for you to differentiate your application from the rest, if you want to get into your preferred college. A college counselor who might come to you may urge you to focus on your passion. But it is up to you to develop on this passion and create new opportunities that can compel the admissions officers to consider you for admission.
How your application reads to the admission authorities is something that determines your chances of admission. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your application work for you:
Work on your academic strengths
Apart from performance, reviewers also consider the level of rigor that a particular candidate shows towards the selected course. You have to start early, plan ahead, and take on challenges that seem impossible to others. Try tackling honors or attending a few international baccalaureate or advance placement classes if available. Look for some advanced courses that will help you build on your academic strengths. Even if you can’t ace them your participation shows them your determination to work hard.
Focus on the Standardized Tests
Many colleges, especially the top institutions still rely on standardized tests to differentiate between students. You can take up the tests that suit your test-taking style. If you can’t get through the test, the first time, you can take it again; but make sure you stop at two attempts. Certain colleges might allow you to submit your scores for both the tests. Nevertheless, it is always better to check on their policies before submitting your scores.
Think beyond extracurricular
Many schools give importance to extra-curricular activities; but if you want them to consider your application for admission, you will have to think beyond extra-curricular activities. Look at a few volunteering opportunities. Take part in community activities. Try your best to touch lives and make a difference. Find out what you can do to contribute to your school or community. Such activities will get you a lot of recognition in the long run.
Consider recommendations seriously
Recommendations play a major role when it comes to obtaining college admissions. Give as much consideration as possible to people who are willing to write recommendations for you. Make sure these recommendations speak about your growth and the challenges that you have overcome. If you can’t find anyone to write a recommendation, you can get one written by an education counselor who gets in touch with you.
Run a social media check on yourself
Admissions officers may not have the time to scroll through social media posts; yet there are chances of them stumbling upon your social media feeds while looking for any information to verify the details given in your application. There are cases where members of the staff, alumni, or community, have alerted schools about the social media reputations of students, painting them in unflattering light.
Make sure there is no abusive or offensive language in any of the social media posts that mention you.
Check if your online persona reflects the real you
Make sure your social media activities reflect you in good light
If there is anything on your online profile that you don’t want an admission officer to see, make sure you delete the same before anyone sees.
Show up at the campus as much as possible
Visiting the college campus whenever you can, talks about your willingness to attend the college if your application is accepted. If it is not possible to physically show up at the campus, you can still engage with the college through the internet.
Make sure you open and read all the emails sent by the college you have applied for
Click on the links that come with messages
Participate in Facebook Live events and webinars hosted by the college
Introduce yourself to the recruiters whenever you visit the high school or meet the recruiters at local college fairs
If you dig into it, you will find many opportunities to engage with the college through digital media. Make sure you come across as an interested candidate to the reviewers.
As per a recent study more than 50% of the students in America are now graduating high school with an A average. It is getting tougher and tougher for colleges to differentiate between students based on parameters such as standardized test scores and GPA. Although 80% of the American colleges tend to accept more than 50% of the applicants, there is a sort of merit crisis in most of the selective schools of the country. Admissions offices have started looking out for more subjective metrics to differentiate applicants.
Although grades and test scores still play a major role when it comes to admissions, many admissions counselors who contact students recommend balancing these with the relative growth and trajectory of students. It is all about how far you have travelled in your high school journey and what you have made of the opportunities that were available to you.
Securing admission in your preferred college is not as clear-cut as getting a 3.8 GPA or a 1500 on SAT. The admissions system is drastically changing year after year. If you want to know what best you can do to differentiate your application from the rest, get in touch with an education counselor through education live transfer leads and start following his instructions carefully.

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