Heart Felt Facts

Discover the secret to identifying your true desire and main motivation in life. Let me ask you...

Do you feel satisfied with your life right now? Does what you do on a daily basis provide the motivation you need to live a fulfilling life? If not, then I may know something you don't. So I'll now reveal to you the... HEART FELT FACTS!

FACT: The Universe will not help you to manifest anything you desire... ONLY chance will. The Universe will ONLY help you to purposefully manifest your "Soul's Urge." It's your true desire and motivation for living a fulfilling and satisfying life. And ONLY your own Numerology Disclosure will “authentically” identify what that is.

FACT: If what you're trying to manifest is not part of your “coding,” then you can't purposefully manifest it. It's because, deep down inside, you're not really in alignment with your true nature; and hence, not motivated enough to evoke the energy to bring it about.

FACT: You can only truly manifest your Heart's desire (Soul's Urge). And NOT your mind's desire, as most of us are led to believe. This is why you can only manifest “purpose you're committed to” from your Soul, and not “perceived desires” of the mind.

FACT: This is understandable when you realize that science proves that Heart Energy is 5000 times stronger than Brain Energy. Manifesting Masters know that manifesting from the Heart will bring about success. And not manifesting from the mind, like most of us have been taught... and failed at.

And now you know the... HEART FELT FACTS.

So do you know what your Soul's Urge is? If not, you WILL if you go and get your FREE Numerology Disclosure. But first, why not find out why by gaining access to Numerology Disclosure's FREE and very popular Mini-Course: “How Insiders CHOOSE and USE “Authentic” Online Numerology Reports In 4 Short Lessons.”

By: Roy Kilroy Burns

Roy Kilroy Burns
Certified Numerologist

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