8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cape Town as Your Vacation Getaway

Most travellers have a bucket list with endless things to do, places to visit, and see. The main question is, how many of them actually pursue their dreams to make them a reality? Please take a look below at some of the favourite reasons why Cape Town should be on your list! Cape Town boasts a wide assortment of cultures, cuisines, and spectacular landscapes. There’s nowhere quite like Cape Town. It’s a beautiful city crowned by the splendid Table Mountain National Park. Here is a compiled list of things to do and see to take you on a journey through the Mother City:

1. Landscape Dreams are made of.
Cape Town’s list wouldn’t be complete without the renowned natural landmark, Table Mountain. It’s a mountain with an apparent flat surface that makes it look like a table from a distance.

You can enjoy a cableway ride to experience a sparkling sunset with 360oview overlooking the Mother City and the surrounding areas. Otherwise, you can drive up Signal Hill for an awe-inspiring sunset. Obviously, Chapman’s Peak Drive should not be missed – a scenic route connecting Hout Bay and Noordhoek, a must do for any bike rider with its 117 curves and coastal views over 12km.

2. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane.
Cape Town enjoys a rich and diverse history with so many inspirational stories and sightings from years gone by. The most historic attraction that finds its way into many people’s bucket lists is Robben Island. You can take a boat cruise to the island and enjoy a walk down memory lane as well as visit Mandela’s prison cell, where he was incarcerated for 18 of his 27 years.

3. Taste Mouth-Watering Delicious Cuisines.
Cape Town is well-known as one of the gourmet capitals of the World. It offers delicious dishes to satisfy any traveller’s appetite. It’s highly suggested to uncover your inner foodie and cross off some of the delicious eats as well as treats from your bucket list.

However, food markets are very popular in Cape Town, selling everything from traditional to organic food items to choose from. On your Cape Town vacation, you should get those gastric juices flowing!

4. Experience the Wine Estates Galore.
Cape Town and the surrounding areas boast over 600 wine estates, providing you with a huge assortment of top-quality wines to choose from. You can indulge yourself in fun-packed wine tasting tours or try out food and wine pairings, including chocolate and biltong, a local speciality of dried meat.

Are you adventurous? Get more hands-on experience and pick your grapes, stomp and brew your own wine. After all, it’s a bucket list experience that will make any Cape Town trip memorable.

5. Immerse in Endless Art.
The art scene in Cape Town is alive with art forms and artefacts from then till now. Whether you want more classic take on art or modern and abstract art, the Mother City will appeal to you completely. From art galleries to funky murals found on old buildings, Cape Town is blessed with an abundance of art.

6. A Cultural Delight.
Art always plays a key role in any culture and Cape Town reflects the true sense of a South African rainbow nation. However, the Bo-Kaap is a colourful residential area of the city well-known for its brightly coloured houses.

This is a community known as Cape Malays. They are descendants from slaves brought by the European settlers to South Africa during the 16th and 17th centuries. Before saying good bye to Cape Town, you have to experience a South African “Braai” – (Barbecue) at least once, which is offered at a select few eateries or as part of your sightseeing tour perhaps.

7. Feeling Sporty.
Cape Town city is ideal for those who live a sporty and active lifestyle. You can book a Bicycle Hire in Cape Town with CycletheCape.com to enjoy the Cape Town(Argus) Cycle Tour Route all year round. All you need is to reserve your Cycle Hire in Cape Town with us and be prepared to enjoy your adventures. You can also take the Guided Cape Town cycling tour option Namibia Ride from Aus Towards Goageb


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and discover the natural beauty of Cape Town’s outdoors, including the Penguins at Boulders Beach en-route and the Ostriches at Smitswinkel, for hassle free riding!

Seeing the Mother City on a bicycle is one of the perfect ways to experience this beautiful city. It is well-known for its natural splendours and you should get outside through a Bike Hire in Cape Town from CycletheCape.com in order to fully appreciate all it as to offer.

8. Diversity is The Name of the Game.
So far you would’ve realised that Cape Town is more than just a city. It’s a place where you can simply be yourself and explore as well as live your passion. Cape Town boasts diversity in every unique colour, size and shape, which embraces all visitors from all walks of life to share in the sunshine and fun.

Cape Town offers you more than enough reasons to add into your bucket list. Explore the rainbow nation and be ready for a journey like no other. Do a thorough research and start planning your Cape Town vacation right now!

By: Mark Robert Lawson

This article is written by CycletheCape.com, who offer perfectly-maintained Bicycles for Hire in Cape Town to help make the most of your Cape Town vacation, along with guided ROAD and MTB Day Tours options.

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