Why Do You Visit Kenya in 2019?

Kenya is one of the spectacular wildernesses that deserve a visit once in a lifetime. This splendid land is rich in history, cultural heritage, and isolated appeal. This country offers the most epic adventures which worth to be explored. Whether you want beach adventures or Kenya adventure camping, you will make the most out of your Kenya safaris vacation in the best way possible. Kenya boasts vast savannahs peppered with diverse herds of wildlife and snow-capped equatorial mountains. It’s the traditional people that bring both soul and color to the Kenya safaris vacation. Here are a few important reasons why visiting Kenya in 2019 makes perfect sense:

Mount Kenya contends Mount Kilimanjaro

Less well-known that its Tanzanian counterpart – Mount Kilimanjaro, considered as more challenging climb amongst mountaineers, Mount Kenya sits in its own national park. It stands amid endemic flora and fauna.

The highest of three peaks emerges to 5,199m; although it requires a technical climb. Even the lowest of three summits offers astounding panoramas over the plains and savannah below. When you ascend through the foothills, you may spot elephant, black rhino, Cape buffalo, colobus monkey, antelope, and giant forest hog.

Sleep under the stars

The tented safari lodges and camps offer a chance to guests to experience the wilderness by night in private huts open to the skies. Beds can be wheeled into the open or taken inside if the weather turns. On a <a href="https://www.bestcampingkenya.com/camping-safaris/">Kenya camping safari</a>, you may overlook either a watering hole or a river where there is a chance of catching sight or sound of passing game. Either way, you can make the most out of your Kenya adventure camping tours.

The bird species will have you all a flutter

Kenya is the home to more than 1,000 bird species including flamboyant pink flamingo herds whose massing makes for surreal photographs. The matchstick legged bird species can be found feeding on the algae that offers them their candy floss color amid geysers that result from lake’s geothermal activity. You can visit Lake Naivasha – the home to golden winged Sunbirds, African Fish Eagles and Superb Starlings.

Witness the greatest migration on the planet

From mid August to October, over a million wildebeest starts migrating from the Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania to Masai Mara accompanied by Thomson’s gazelle, eland and zebra. Though there’s an availability of videos and photographs online, nothing comes close to seeing in person the mass movement of animals lumbering, swaying and strutting in one of the greatest wonders of the natural world.

Spot the majestic Big Five

Kenya is one of the greatest wildlife destinations and obviously the home to Big Five (African lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and white or black rhinos). You can view the majestic view by booking best camping tours.
The available Kenya adventure camping tour operators provide custom-tailored packages and tour itineraries to get up close and personal with African Big Five. Whether you choose day tours or Kenya camping safari, you will get the most out of your Kenya safaris vacation.

Come home with amazing mementoes

Kenya stands out as an abode to many talented craftspeople that make covetable objects. You can look out for different souvenirs, beaded belts and shoes that are available around the country.

Final Consideration –

Now you might have got your pick for your <a href="https://www.bestcampingkenya.com/kenya-safaris-vacation-packages/">Kenya safaris vacation<a/>. Or still decided what to do in 2019? Do a thorough research and choose the right pick to return with unforgettable memories to treasure forever.

By: Imraan Nanji

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