Ensure to Consider Your Body Shape While Choosing Leggings

If you are fat or extra slim, you must have got suggestions from the people around you that don’t wear leggings as it would suit your body shape. If it happens with you, you have reached the right place. Leggings are not something to be feared of; instead you must think that how they would compliment your dressing sense the best. Let’s make you know that no matter what you body type and size is, you can wear leggings; you just need to go through the below given tips to ensure your best looks.
If you are having curvaceous body
If you are just starting out with leggings or are uncertain about the looks, it would be better to start with single color leggings. And when you gain confidence, you can try patterned or printed leggings from a wide range offered by Fold to Fly. It will let you have more flair. However, if you are trying a pattern, wear it on the top or bottom only; never both. If you are wearing a tunic or a dress that ends mid-thigh, a waist belt will draw attention to the slimmest part of your figure. Additionally, you must stop wearing dresses which sit on your but as they will draw attention to the widest part of your body.

If you are having a good height
Leggings look really great on the tall people. If your short skirt or a short dress seems too short to wear, mid-calf length leggings will serve the purpose. A bold look can be gained by wearing patterns on top or bottom or both. If you are conscious and confident of your height, then leggings are a great way to show it off. Pair the dress with ballet flats or low-heeled boots.

If you are short
You must have heard that clothing with vertical lining looks perfect on short people as it gives an illusion of being tall. So, if you are short you must try the leggings with vertical prints. Black riding boots look perfect with leggings on short people.

If your body is pear shaped
Pear shaped look great in tunic with plain leggings. As you need to lift the eye upward, it would be the best idea to wear bold and bright colors on the top. It would create balance. You also need to ensure that your tunic does not sit on your butt or beneath.

If you are fat
You must be afraid of wearing leggings if you are fat. Let’s make you know that all size and all type leggings are available at Fold to Fly; you can easily find the one to fit your body. However, still you need to take care while pairing it with different tops. For an instance, a short top would not look good on you whereas a long and oversize top will definitely compliment your looks.
Thus, is it only a misconception that printed or geometric leggings don’t look good on particular body shape; there are a number of ways you can make them work for you.

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