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Five Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 20, 2012

Teeth are the most visible part of the mouth, and the entire face. Like every other organ in the human body, teeth require a fair amount of maintenance, without which they will go bad, rot and finally fall down – leaving the person with no other choice but dental work. While teeth do have thei…

Have You Ever Wanted Ultra White Teeth?
Health And Fitness • Published: Feb 06, 2013

Are you one of those who tend to keep your mouth closed when the cameras are around? The photographer yells 'Cheese!' and while everyone else is 'flashing their gnashers'; you are looking somewhat 'po faced' and sad. If this sounds like you,

Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening
Health And Fitness: Alternative • Published: Mar 01, 2013

Zoom Advanced Power teeth whitening is one of the latest and most advanced in-surgery tooth whitening systems around. It is able to quickly, safely and efficiently whiten the teeth, giving you a beautiful new smile in under an hour.

Different Dental Problems and Their Solutions
Health And Fitness • Published: May 10, 2013

Often find yourself not smiling in public places just because you are embarrassed having a blackening tooth or cavities? Well, you can't be lax about your oral health. It is extremely essential that you to pay a visit to the dentist and get your teeth examined as soon as possible.

An Introduction to Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Health And Fitness • Published: Jun 13, 2013

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that grow at the back of your gums. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner, but there are chances of having fewer or more.

Beating the Bad Breath Blues
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Jul 10, 2013

Having sweet nothings murmured with her breath blowing gently past your gray-tinted ear is truly seductive, but not if they waft in the stench of death! This can be a sure shot way to kiss the romance goodbye.

Dietary Habits to follow after Teeth Whitening
Health And Fitness • Published: Sep 11, 2013

In today’s world, having a nice, pretty smile is of utmost important because it creates a positive impression on others. Not only do white teeth indicate good health, but they also make you look younger and attractive. Many people splurge around on several options or take extreme and painful m…

10 Very Surprising Facts about Teeth That Will Blow Your Mind
Health And Fitness • Published: Oct 31, 2013

You might presume that you know everything there is to know about your teeth, but there are certain facts that will take you by surprise. Before visiting your dentist for your next dental appointment, it is worth doing a little homework.

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