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Those I have graduated as a software engineer, my interests were always learning towards modern computing and internet technologies. I have been updating my knowledge foot regularly by writing articles. At my childhood I like to right and share true to my belief, that “Sharing is caring”. So writing is my hobby by use of internet technology I share it. After all, sharing is what I care!

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Indian matrimonial sites and Indian Marriage Sites - Best Place to get your ideal life partner
Society: Marriage Wedding • Published: Dec 30, 2012

Each and every person in this earth thought for a perfect life partner. In this current earth of internet all most all persons are aware of various matrimonial sites and Free Matrimonial Sites. . Now if anyone is unmarried or single he need not to say to all and sundry that I am looking for a life p…

Vivaah Marathi Matrimony: Support to Bachelors to search right Life partner
Society: Marriage Wedding • Published: Dec 26, 2012

Maharashtra, the third largest and the richest state of the country, standards and regards marriages just in the same way the same as other Indian states. Marathi people values their way of life custom and traditions, that's why they choose to marry in their own society, get married in the same soci…

Matrimonial Sites India: Better way to find your true life partner
Home And Family: Love • Published: Dec 26, 2012

Marriage ceremony is one of the most vital and important walk of our life that most of us has to take at certain age and it is one of the most relations of human society. A good marriage can get lots of pleasure and joy to your life. The result of marriage will create effect on all area of your life…

The Matchmaking idea and its importance
Society: Marriage Wedding • Published: Jan 03, 2013

In the present day, the process of searching your life partner through the Internet is done by matching religion, caste, educational qualifications, height, weight, occupations etc. But, are you thing these are sufficient to find a person with whom you are going away to spend your entire life?

Significance of Creating an extraordinary Matrimonial Profile with Vivaah
Society: Relationships • Published: Jan 10, 2013

In this day and age, most of parents in India are using of matrimonial sites like ‘Vivaah' for setting up the marriage ceremony of their youngsters. The term when predicted as Vivaah is used for denoting the thought of wedding ceremony in Hindu. Thus, the name of the site itself chooses that i…

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