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John Dugan has written articles for newspapers, magazines and most recently for ezines and blogs. He is currently semi-retired residing in New England.

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Got a Cut on the Member? Here’s Why
Health And Fitness • Published: Jul 12, 2017

Sometimes a man can face the strange situation of mystery manhood cuts. Where in the world do these sudden injuries come from?

Masturbation Techniques to Master with Tips from the Kama Sutra
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Sep 10, 2013

The Kama Sutra is remarkably silent on the topic of masturbation techniques, but a close reading can give a man some great ideas for increasing the sensuality of his solo encounters.

Foreskin Pain Solutions – Understanding Frenulum Breve
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Mar 26, 2013

Foreskin pain can turn what should be an act of pleasure into a painful shock, especially when accompanied by bleeding. A little-known but treatable condition of the foreskin is described here.

Masturbation Woes - Is there too much of a good thing?
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Jul 15, 2013

Masturbation – or the art of self-love – has many myths and rumors swirling around it. Learn the medical truth behind masturbation and ways to keep the penis pain-free and healthy.

Maintaining Good Member Health with a Furry Fan
Health And Fitness • Published: Apr 21, 2017

Thinking about indulging in fun with a furry fan? Some people have an interest in the furry fandom that includes a sensual component they wish to explore.

Masturbation and Health - The Prostate Benefit
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Mar 05, 2015

It's not news that masturbation is a lot of fun, but many men may not realize that frequent masturbation can play a role in helping to keep the prostate gland healthy.

Bondage Injuries – Learn the Most Common and Avoid Them
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Feb 25, 2015

When one sexual partner is restrained, both can experience a different kind of pleasure (if they’re into that kind of thing). But there are always risks, and it behooves partners to learn about common bondage injuries so that they may take steps to avoid them.

Varicocele – a Scrotum Problem: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
Health And Fitness • Published: Nov 27, 2012

Varicocele, a form of varicose vein which occurs in the scrotum, is very common in young men and can cause severe discomfort, fertility problems, as well as looking unsightly. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for fast recovery.

Itchy Penile Skin? No Problem – At-home Tricks to Banish Jock Itch for Good
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Oct 16, 2013

Jock itch can cover a man's private parts with dry, itchy penile skin. With the right knowledge, at-home care can clear it up in no time.

Adult Circumcision - Benefits, Risks and What to Expect from the Procedure
Health And Fitness: Nutrition • Published: Aug 30, 2013

Men who opt for adult circumcision do so for a variety of reasons; knowing what to expect from the procedure and during the recovery period can reduce anxiety and help men plan ahead.

Men at Fault for Infertility Issues
Health And Fitness • Published: Oct 31, 2012

50% of fertility issues in the US are caused by male infertility. With diet, lifestyle, exercise, pollution, chemicals and issues of stress all affecting male fertility to a greater or lesser degree; men now recognize that men’s health supplements, vitamins, exercise and a healthy lifestyle pl…

How to Know When You are Allergic to Your Girlfriend
Health And Fitness • Published: Nov 16, 2012

Men can become allergic to vaginal fluids, as well as hormones, food proteins and skin care products on their girlfriend's skin. Allergy tests should be performed to find out what is the causative agent. In many cases, once the allergen has been identified, steps can be taken to avoid it.

Supporting Your Heart with Antioxidants May Benefit Your Romantic Life
Health And Fitness • Published: Nov 20, 2012

As men get older it is more common to experience problems in the bedroom. More often than not, this is because of reduced circulation and heart problems. Using antioxidant vitamins and supplements may benefit both penis and circulatory health.

Coping with Prostatitis: What All Men Should Know
Health And Fitness • Published: Jan 17, 2013

Inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis, is quite common, and in some cases, prompt treatment can make the issue go away for good.

Ingrown Pubic Hairs: Treatment and Prevention
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 07, 2012

Trimming pubic hairs can lead to a more pleasant appearance, but the practice can also cause ingrown hairs. Following a few basic steps can prevent the problem from taking place.

Blue Balls – Myth or Fact?
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 11, 2012

Men often complain about blue balls, and most women tend to think this is nothing more than an excuse. But is there something more than social pressure behind the condition affectionately known as blue balls?

Caring for Your Body after a Vasectomy
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 12, 2012

Vasectomies provide an effective form of birth control, but healing takes time and men must be careful to follow directions carefully to ensure that complications don't take place.

Rough Treatment Could Lead to Sensory Loss
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 15, 2012

The skin of the penis is designed to be sensitive to even the lightest touch. But rough handling and improper care could cause a loss of sensitivity. Following a few simple tips could help.

Natural Prostate Supplement Can Boost Prostate Health
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 20, 2012

Most men will suffer from problems such as prostate enlargement or prostate cancer in their lifetimes, but there are strategies men can use to boost their prostate health, including taking a natural prostate supplement.

Phimosis: Is Full Circumcision the Only Answer?
Health And Fitness • Published: Dec 21, 2012

Phimosis can cause serious medical complications, and circumcision is often considered the front-line treatment. There are other options men can consider, however, and self-care may prevent the problem from ever taking place.

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