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If you are interested to know about the mafia of 20th century then A Wiser Guy is the right option. This book describes the true story of history of the mafia and the criminal activities performed by the members of this organization. There were numerous gangsters who headed the organization for a long time. Sicilian mafia or Italian mafia is popular throughout the world due to its criminal activities. There were number of leaders who lead the American Mafia Organization and if you want to read about the Mafia then A Wiser Guy is the good choice to gather information about it. Mafia book is the good choice for those who love reading books or who love mafia (underworld). Mob is such an interesting topic for the book lovers. The American mafia and five crime families were popular all over the world and you can read about them through the newly released mafia books. In the early 20th century, waves of Italians, mostly farmers, craftsmen and unskilled laborers, flocked to America in search of better economic opportunities. In New York City alone, the number of Italians ascended from 20,000 to 250,000 between 1880 and 1890, and by 1910, that number had jumped to 500,000 immigrants.

New Jersey mafia was involved in the crimes and it had done a number of confliction with government forces. The mobsters of 20th century were involved in: murder, killing, robbery, extortion, bootlegging, illegal gambling and many more. A Wiser Guy is the great mafia book and it has proved to be a record break success amongst the other mafia books. This book contains the true story of mafia as it is written by a member of mafia family so you would definitely love to read the book and its interesting topics. The book is written by a family member of the five crime families of New York. Through this new book, you will get the chance to read true story about Philadelphia mafia engaged in the criminal activities. You will be able to read the biography of famous figures of mafia and also learn about their criminal life.

You should purchase the book online or can make your book reading experience ultimate with the detailed story of five crime families, mafia bosses of 20th century and so on. The mafia gangsters were very popular who had joined the mafia organization with small crimes for which they were arrested and so on. You will read complete history of the mafia and interesting true story must give you new experience. The most famous figures of American mafia were: Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, Albert Anastasia, Stefano Magaddino, Peter Magaddino, Joe Bonanno, Tommy Lucchese and so on. If you really love mafia or want to know about the famous figures of mob then simply choose ‘A Wiser Guy’ – the great mafia book ever. If you want to buy this book then simply visit or email at:

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