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When it comes to New Jersey mafia families then there are number of aspects to read about. Reading about the five crime families of American can be great way to know about the 20th century mobsters. They were totally involved in criminal activities and to know the major facts about New Jersey mafia you can prefer new mafia books available. The five crime families were most major Italian-American mafia crime families which were involved in illicit activities. The mafia lovers who want to know the true story of American mafia or mobsters of 20th century can simply choose the mafia book. There are numerous sources that reveal the story of mobsters as movies are also popular source. But reading through book is another way to read the criminal story and to read about famous figures of mafia. There were number of famous leaders of mafia who headed the organization for a long time. The American mafia or Italian mafia was popular for organized crimes and illicit activities. Mafia in New York has built the effective reputation and it was responsible for all the crimes in 20th century. The mobsters of 20th century were known as the Cosa Nostra and it has produced a number of leaders and Russell Bufalino was one of them.

He was born on September 25, 1903 in Montedoro, Province of Caltanissetta, Sicily and died on February 25, 1994. He was also known as “McGee” and “The Old Man” and he was the boss of Bufalino crime family of New York. He exerted significant influence over the organized crime nationally. He got involved in criminal activities in the teenage and the crimes in which he was involved may include: Robbery, Theft, Extortion, Debt Collection etc. He was popular figure of 20th century New Jersey mafia and leaded this organization until his death. Russell Bufalino was arrested for a number of crimes he had done in his early age. By 1920, Bufalino started working with Joseph Barbara – the young New York Bootlegger. He did a lot of crimes until he died on February 25, 1994 in the age of 90 due to natural causes.

In this way, there were number of figures who came into popularity and headed this secrete crime organization. New Jersey mafia families were also popular all over the world for their contribution to the mafia organization. The most of the famous figures of gangsters were from these five crime families. If you want to know about these popular mobsters or want to read their biography then A Wiser Guy is the right choice. It is the new mafia book written by Louis P Divita, the grandson of Paul Palmeri, the famous Mafioso. There were several other famous bosses of mob who were involved in illicit activities. If you are interested in mob, mobsters or their crimes then you can read it through the new book available to purchase. This is the must have book for book lovers and the people who really hold interest in American Mafia.

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