Understand important facts about New Jersey mafia families

If you want to know the major facts about New Jersey mafia then you can prefer to new mafia book that reveal the true story of American mafia. You can read about the famous figures of mafia, the crime families, illicit crimes performed by them and so on. The book contain true story of 20th century mobsters so to read about them immediately purchase the book. <p>Mafia has great role in the history of America and if you are trying to know about the Sicilian mafia then you can prefer to mafia books. These books serve the great purpose for book lovers and the people who hold interest in mafia. We’ve seen a lot of movies of mafia but they just contain a counterfeit story so if you want to read the true story of mafia then you need trusted source like mafia book. If you want to know the latest mafia book that reveal the true story of American mafia then A Wiser Guy is the ultimate source will definitely suit you.</p>

<p>There were numerous famous figures of mafia from <b>New Jersey mafia families</b> which came time to time and were responsible for illegal activities in 20th century. The most famous mafia figures were: Cassandra(Anthony)Bonasara, Santo Volpe, Russell Buffalino, Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, AL Capone, Vito Genovese, Joe Bonanno, Tommy Lucchese, Lucky Luciano, Albert Anastasia, Joe Adonis, Joe Dicarlo, Peter Magaddino, Stefano Magaddino and many more. You will read the biography of these famous figures of mafia who were involved in all type of crimes involding: Theft, Robbery, Murder, Extortion, Bootlegging, and so on.</p>

<p>In the 20th century, <a href="http://awiserguy.com/al-capone/">New Jersey mafia</a> did very illicit crimes to help the less fortunate and their own families. The five crime families of New York are popular throughout the world for the criminal activities. With passing of time, the mafia became selfish and opted to help themselves and do everything they want to do for their own advantage. Each and every member of crime families were involved in the illegal activities so they had a very strong well organized family tree. These famous mobsters of this crime organization always tried to do illicit activities for their own benefit.</p>

<p><b>History of the mafia</b> is really interesting topic that discloses the history of American mafia which was involved in illegal practices. A Wiser Guy is the great book about American Mafia that contains everything about the history of Mafia, the famous leaders of 20th century and many more. All the leaders of Mafia had a remarkable presence in the history of American mobsters. These gangsters were very powerful and there was a war among mobsters of 20th century namely Castellammarese war (1929 to 1931) for control and power on the organization. There are number of such stories which you may not know about American mafia so you can prefer to A Wiser Guy book written by one of the family member of mafia and it describes the true story of 20th century mobsters.</p>

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