Video Length Best Practices 2021

What is the ideal Video Length? Video experts give some tips! Today we will talk about video!

Let me be more clear: Video Length...

Videos are a powerful tool. They can show things simple arts and random facebook photos can not show. Videos will go deeper to the detail, will show the soul of your team, of your operations. They will make your service reliable. It can be the first opportunity you will have to connect with your client. You will be known!!!

You can show: Your business portfolio, show your product like a spectacle or it's functionality and a very fun way of approach!

But when it comes to video length, what is the ideal thing?

Short videos are a mere annoucement or promotion.
1 Minute Videos could bring other topics into the field like a showcase, office, team, blog post, show who speaks, let people know you are making satisfied clients everywhere.
Long videos can bring up cinematic footages. Online courses, influencers of any kind, travels and food, etc.

But the most important thing to remember: Do not make long videos if you think you do not belong to these fields. Because people might not watch it. They would watch it only if it is something they do in their free time.

So, make your videos fun, cool. Make people feel good and smile. Even if your business is very traditional and stuff, of course you will find a way to make a moderate joke, a funny comment, an insight, bring your creativity into action and shine please!

You will know that this is a masterpiece you will get better while the time pass by. Be sure of 1 thing: No one knows everything. People will learn constantly and improve on the way. Be open for new thinkings and you will be fine!

God bless you and your journey! I wish you nice videos and funny scenes.

Good bye!

By: Daniel Marcelo Damaceno

Source: Video Length Best Practices 2021

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