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Central Law Group represents clients in Chicago, Northwest Suburbs, and more. We handle Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Services and Conflict Anyone who enters into a business operation should be aware that under the laws of the United States contracts are governed by either the uniform commercial code commonly known as the UCC as well as the common law of contracts which in many places in States his codified under their respective laws.

1st of all the formation of the contract requires what is known as mutual assent also consideration meaning that each party incurs some detriment as well as the lack of any defenses to the enforcement of the contract. While everybody thinks that shaking hands may actually form a contract this is not always the case in fact some contracts required to be in writing for them to be valid and enforceable.

Therefore when entering into any agreement one should be aware and know what type of law governors that particular agreement. In this regard if the Contract involves the sale of goods with a value exceeding $500 then that contract must be writing to be enforceable. In other words, for example if you want to sell your friend a vehicle which is worth $1000 if there is no writing the contract would not be enforceable. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg Because the requirement for writing as in the example above is not sufficient to make the contract enforceable. A number of other elements must be present such as the identity of the parties to the contract the writing which must be signed by the party who believes or argues there is no contract and is also depends on whether the parties to the contract are private people or merchants. This aspect in itself whether the parties are private individuals or merchants crazy significant questions that a party to the contract must be aware. Very specific rules govern such situations and much litigation occurs because of misunderstandings or recurring between merchants who are parties

One very common mistake is to apply your common sense and believe that everything will be fine the reality is that rarely everything is just fine instead sooner or later particularly in large or recurrent contracts between companies 1 party or the other or both become dissatisfied with the performance of the other or believe that the other party breached somehow the terms of the contract. This is what our attorneys can help Prevent and we are very close to you no matter where you are because our offices are strategically placed in Orange, Vista and San Diego And therefore if you cannot come to us we will come to you. Studies have shown that by consulting with an attorney regarding your commercial transactions the chances for incurring litigation are substantially lower than otherwise what that means is that you ultimately save money and I mean a lot of money.

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Central Law Group represents clients in Chicago, Northwest Suburbs, and more. We handle Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Services and Conflict

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