Recruiting is not Selling. It is getting the Candidate to Sell You.

Talent Hub is a professional services firm offering Recruiting Conference and Workshop, recruitment outsourcing, hr conference, human resource conference, recruiting conferences, recruiting workshop, talent management workshop and much more under one roof. Recruitment is the activity of screening and attracting the cream for an organization. It is the process of hiring candidates who will contribute their knowledge for a smooth flow of the business. Recruiting is always a challenging task as you need to understand the candidate’s portfolio in detail. Some of the recruitment managers may think that recruiting means to sell a job or a position available in your organization. Practically speaking, recruitment is not selling. It is to make the candidate sell himself for the job to your organization.

If a candidate has a career or an economic need for your job, it is pretty comfortable to remain as a buyer. This is the best strategy for a recruitment manager and the management. You must get the candidate to sell you, rather than you selling the candidate. However, any high profile candidate who has the variety of skills is a different person totally. In this scenario, recruiters and managers go into sales modes and switch roles, typically using PR or marketing talks to convince the candidate for the job. Even if, the candidate does not opt for your offer and ends up in a bidding war, it is still you who holds the authority to make the candidate an offer. This strategy is taught and trained in hr conferences, recruiting conferences, recruiting workshops etc. There are different strategies and techniques that are discussed in human resource conferences in order to be a buyer in front of the candidate.

The key to make a candidate realize the need of a job is to ask him/her the accomplishments of their life. You may also ask about their past performances in previous organizations. If you shoot each question with a description, of what you need and why it is significant to the company, the best and the smartest candidates will get inspired and will try to convince you for getting qualified for the next interview rounds or directly requesting you for the offer letter. This is a “pull toward” technique. Here, the recruiter uses the actual job and make the candidate feel excited about the offer. During the interview, do not acknowledge superficial answers. The communication should be related to your business. You need to peel the onion and extract facts and details about the candidates’ accomplishments.
The most significant skill is to make the candidate earn the job. It has more value to your discussion during the meeting. You stay as buyer and make the candidate to play the role as a seller. As a result, they will discuss with their family, co-workers, friends, and advisors regarding why your job represents a great career, despite a low compensation. If a candidate cannot sell himself on the virtue of a job, he will not be able to convince anyone either. Since the best candidates never make hasty decisions and jump for another job, this is an important step you must use in the recruiting process.

Creating a career gap is the real spice to make a move. For a job to symbolize a career move, it needs growth and stretch. The stretch symbolizes the difference between the candidate’s current job and the job that you are offering. Ensure the job which you are offering is more valuable and fruitful as compared to his previous organization. The candidate should sense the career growth and security in the job you offer. It represents the value of the person if he handles the job successfully. The job may relate to taking on bigger assignments, promotional and learning opportunities, and getting a good exposure to more challenging situations. As a part of this demonstration, you may have the candidate meet other people who have been successful in your organization. The positive feedbacks will excite the candidate to show his interest towards your organization.

The company may not have enough budgets to hire the best candidates. However, if you stay as a buyer and get the candidate to sell on you, you will be a master in recruiting jobs.

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Recruiting is not Selling - It is getting the Candidate to Sell You.

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