Use quotes and passages from your favorite books to convert picture to text

Books are truly magical things that can transcend time and place. Keep the most impactful passages from your favorite books close to you turning your picture to text with personalized picture gifts. A good book can move us all to tears, teach a valuable life lesson, or completely change your worldview. Most of the time, it is a few passages in a book that speak to you the most. It is those few passages that give you that “Eureka!” moment. These passages should not be forgotten, but how best can you remember them? Some people prefer to jot them down on paper or on their computer, but they can be easily lost that way. Others may frame a quote and hang it up on the wall. But even that is missing something. With the power to add a personal touch, pictures also add an important dimension to a book quote or passage when they are combined together. For example, a motivational story may apply to anyone, but if you combine it with a picture that is also meaningful to you, you can better relate that story to yourself.

The opposite may also be able to happen. Words can add a depth of feeling and emotion that pictures themselves cannot provide. A motivational or meaningful passage from a book can bring out a deeper meaning from a plain photo and explain the story behind it. Below are some reasons to create pictures with text and ideas for which passages to pick.

Remember a meaningful passage with your picture to text

Books are powerful things: they can move you to tears, drive you to jump up and down in glee, and make you feel a million different emotions as you read stories of love, despair, and success. I myself first discovered a love for reading when I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school. In that book, I felt a true connection to the characters and their struggles that I felt paralleled those in my own life at the time. Even now, many years later, reading certain passages from the book bring back memories of that time in my life when I first picked the book up. When I am reading a book, it is always a few passages, mostly in the end or the climax of the story, that affect me the most and can bring me to tears. I am sure that this experience is universal; a well-written book can bring out the deepest emotions in any reader.

By making pictures with text from your favorite passages, you will be able to remember those words and in reading them, bring back those accompanying feelings. But why make a picture with those words? Why not just frame the words themselves? Well, the one thing that books lack is a visual aspect. This is made up for by your vivid imagination as you read. What does that countryside farm look like? What does the main character look like? What do their clothes look like? When you read, you build up an entire unique world with the hints that are the author’s descriptions. Bringing that world to real life by creating a picture from your own imagination will help to immerse yourself further into a book. When you combine that with words from your favorite passage, you get the depth of feeling and emotion that words provide, as well as the visual aspect of your imagination.

Inspire yourself by turning your picture to words

Nonfiction books, especially autobiographies or memoirs can not only touch your heart and bring out your emotions, but can also teach you valuable lessons and give you advice. From Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations and ancient philosophical texts to the autobiographies of today’s political and social leaders, different authors can transcend all time and distance to speak directly to us. These books, written by people with a variety of unique experiences and perspectives, can both teach us about the bigger picture and give advice applicable to our own daily lives. I know that one book I read in college, How to Win Friends and Influence People had a truly profound effect on me. I became more social, more willing to talk to other people, more able to hold a meaningful conversation as I changed my worldview after taking in and understanding the book’s advice. For you, certain books might have helped you through a hard time in your life or completely changed your perspective on things; these are the ones worth remembering.

When you convert a picture to words, you can make sure never to forget those passages that are meaningful to you or those that have changed your life. Maybe it’s a story from someone who has been in your situation or a passage that really helps to motivate you. Furthermore, with a personalized photo gift, you will be able to combine the passage you choose with a meaningful image. Choosing an image is important because it provides a more personal connection to lessons and advice that are given through the passage. Whether it be a picture of you celebrating a big accomplishment or overcoming a challenge, you will strengthen the impact of the words you choose by relating them to yourself. By hanging it up near the doorway, in your bedroom, above your desk, or anywhere else, you will be able to use it as a reminder or source of inspiration each and every day.

Bring back childhood memories

Books can serve as keys to unlock memories of different times. When taking up a book that you read as a child, you might experience nostalgia as you remember simpler times. For me, whenever I read Harry Potter now, I am taken back to the summer days I spent at the windowsill immersed in the world of wizards and magic. The book series occupies a special place in my heart and so many passages can instantly take me back in time when I read them. When thinking of putting up a picture to remember your own childhood, you can combine it with passages from a childhood book to better recall those memories and the emotions associated with them. By making pictures with words, you can relive those cherished nostalgic moments whenever you want to.

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