For Every Budget and Style Preference, there Are Wedding Rings

If you have always wondered about something new and unique, and don't want to go for conventional gold or silver, then you are in luck today. If you have always wondered about something new and unique, and don't want to go for conventional gold or silver, then you are in luck today. This is because, from 2020 onwards, designers have begun selling eco-friendly, new organic, nature-inspired, and modern jewelry from direct online stores. The online shopping spree boosted by the pandemic has brought a lot of shops online. These include wedding rings and bands from custom designers, for every budget and preference.

That is, you can get black polished wedding bands made from tungsten with blue opal inlay as well if you want. The traditional wisdom of choosing gold over other metals is no more a big roadblock because designers can make a 7mm gold wedding band from rose gold, white gold, and 14k simple gold too, that still has a modern twist. But, if you don't want to spend so much on gold and diamonds, you can choose tungsten, platinum, or so on. A classic round style, with rounded edges, is a popular choice these days because it does not involve any hidden fee. It is minimalist and works well on all.

You can also order a curved wedding band if you like because these are also growing in popularity these days. Of late, subtle and sophisticated designs are attracting women because they can come in delicate patterns with floating bands, wavy patterns, open-ended designs, and more. They can have small diamonds studded as a leaf at the top or some other gemstone, for a pinch of color. The possibilities are endless, and designers also work for custom orders. But, there are ready-made options that will suit you just fine too. It will fit your budget because you can get charmingly nice wedding rings starting from $150, while those who wish to be a little classier, can go for $1750 curved rings for women.

While a conventional wide 7mm gold wedding band can cost anywhere beginning from $650 or so, they can have other modifications. The 7mm is a width that falls largely for men and women, alike. Men with fingers of 0.9 size go for 7mm rings. Women also use them for a wider base because it helps keep the ring comfortable to wear. Then, the wider area offers additions like engravings, adding stones, or something later in the future. But, those who wear them on a daily basis usually do not make them so sophisticated. They keep the classic look but maybe go for a curved wedding band or mix and match instead of a simple round shape. It adds a little flavor of its own without being too out of the way.

By: Donnell Dean

The author Donnell Dean loves to write about novel wedding band designs that are eye-catchy and expensive like a curved wedding band made of diamonds and gold. But, Donnell also often includes a patch of tradition with a 7mm gold wedding band design, with a modern twist, design elements like gemstones, mix and match.

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