Manual VS Automatic Transmission: Which is Better?

It is a universal truth that manual transmission is more economical than Automatic transmission. Apart from that, each transmission has its own merits and demerits. Due to advancements in automotive technology, today’s cars come with various innovative features, designs & technologies such as a car with manual transmission or automatic transmission. But deciding which transmission car is better totally depends on your choice and frequency of use. In this post, we are going to have a detailed comparison between the two transmissions.

What is Manual transmission?

A manual transmission is also called a stick-shift, which uses a stick to change gears. In today’s modern car, stick-shift is mounted vertically on the center console and connected to the transmission via a linkage. People think driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is a bit difficult. But this is not true, driving with manual transmission is very simple and feels you connected with your vehicle throughout driving.

What is Automatic transmission?

Believe it, automatic transmission was generally introduced in luxury vehicles. Today all premium vehicles have an automatic transmission. With an automatic transmission, you need not put any pressure on your hand. You will not find any stick-shift to change gears physically. It doesn’t require any contribution from the driver. The vehicle understands automatically the need for gear changes and changes its gear itself without any human interference. When you compare manual & automatic transmission, this is a major difference that you can feel.

Comparison between both the transmissions based on cost and fuel.

Based on Cost

Comparing to an automatic transmission, a manual transmission is less expensive. Whether you are buying manual new transmission or used transmission, you are required to pay less for purchasing any one of them as compared with automatic transmission.

Other than this, if you want to save your hard-earned money on purchasing used transmission for an old vehicle then opting for used transmissions for sale is the right option.

Based on Fuel

Manual transmissions are more fuel-efficient & eco-friendlier than Automatic transmission. A vehicle with manual transmission is lighter and less jumbled than an automatic transmission, thus it provides more mileage and high efficiency from your fuel.

When your transmission starts consuming more fuel means the time has come to take your transmission seriously. It could have minor or complex issues. In case of a complex issue, you can look for the used transmission for sale instead of buying a new one to replace your old transmission and maintain the same level of efficiency in your old vehicle.


It is a universal truth that manual transmission is more economical than Automatic transmission. Apart from that, each transmission has its own merits and demerits. Now, you have to decide which one is better and cost-efficient as per your budget.

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