Importance of Web Decks and Netting Systems

So, what are Web Decks and Netting Systems, and why are they important when it comes to the safety and efficiency of workers at a construction site?

Web Deck™ is a solid, stable platform that provides under-deck access for maintenance or refurbishment teams to carry out heavy work tasks with stability, safety for maximum productivity.
Web Deck™ is a solid, stable platform that provides under-deck access for maintenance or refurbishment teams to carry out heavy work tasks with stability, safety for maximum productivity.

In simpler words, it is a provisional suspended deck system that is used for easier and safer completion of tasks under the decks of infrastructures.

WEB Deck™ installation provides safe and reliable under-deck access. Typically deployed in the underside of bridges, jetties, pipe racks, conveyor systems, and associated infrastructure. These suspended deck systems are modular, lightweight, and strong in design, it helps aid in rapid installation and dismantling of the same.

Also known as a suspended access decking system, it features a patented hook and clasp system on each side, which secures each WEB Deck™ unit to a tensioned wire rope system.

A good deal of benefits that come along with the usage of Web Deck™ are as follows:

? First and foremost - The safety of the workers. Working at great heights requires WEB Deck™ installation which in turn helps reduce the exposure time for workers working at heights.
? Speedy installation of these Web Decks where up to 270m2 Jetty under-deck access is installed in just one shift.
? The costing is reasonable, the efficiency of installation eventually leads to lower labour costs and lower total access costs.
? Considering these are temporary fittings, the web decks are lightweight with a weight of 20 kg/m2
? These are compatible and include side containment and/or full encapsulation.
? It can be customized with a grated aluminum finish for tidal conditions.

On the other hand, the Netting System is simply a stable ‘walk-on’ system with excellent tensile strength and minimum deflection.

These netting solutions are typically deployed for high-rise construction projects, for the underside of bridges, pipe racks, conveyor systems, and associated infrastructure. Here is where the use of construction netting systems comes into play.

It is weather-resistant, extremely robust, and requires no maintenance. These engineered netting solutions are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Installed in railings, or stairways, it provides clear guidance. It can serve as climbing support for plants, for coating application, masonry, concrete repairs or it can set delicate accents as a dividing element in sizable spaces.

High-rise construction netting systems have been engineered and developed over many years and are constructed to minimize deflection, normally associated with most “tensioned” netting. Operatives who work from the net are attached to a primary twin rope or wire rope safety system.

The advantages of constructing a netting system are as follows:
? Installing Walk On Netting Systems reduces the exposure time of working at a height and also allows the maintenance team to carry out light work safely at heights.
? WEB Net™ has a significantly lower self-weight capacity, allowing it to be used on structures that do not have a high-load capacity.
? This system is 5-10% of the weight and volume of conventional alternative systems scaffolding. It is easier and cost-effective to transport.
? The best part of this engineered netting system is that it only requires minimum storage space on-site and in the yard.
? Moreover, efficient installation leads to lower labor costs and lower total access costs which in turn leads to reduced components and material costs.

In conclusion, the installation of Web Decks and Netting Systems are important, considering the safety of the workers and the environment around them. These systems are not only built for safety purposes but also play a major role in providing efficiency in terms of cost as well as the quality of work being done.

The commonality of constructing the two under-deck systems is that they both are lightweight in nature and a great attribute during construction for working at heights. Post-construction, these are removable without any hassle as they are temporary fittings in nature. Overall, WEB Net™, and WEB Deck™ fittings are great investments that aid in a balanced and smooth flow of work.

By: shivani Agarwal

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