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we have very good option in your budget, We have all free hold & Loanable properties with all
mother documents, please feel free to contact us How unfortunate is this that some of the people who even don’t know the ‘V’ of Vaastu, claiming to be Vaastu expert, having no degree or experience. Some of the self build institute also starts to distribute the Diploma/ degree of Vaastu. Basically, we have misconception about Vaastu /Vaastu Shastri.
Neither these types of self created institutes nor the Diploma/Degree holder from said Institute can do any well of our country/ society and economy, except snatching money from the simple and innocent people of our country.
Unfortunately, some people in our country trust most of these so called ‘Vaastu Shastri’. No doubt some trainer who had worked under ‘Architects’ the actual ‘Vaastu Shatri’, have a piece of knowledge about Vaastu.
We should beware from self created Vaastu Shastri same as we have to be ware of some self employed Property dealers.
A very big problem exists in REAL ESTATE sector. Out of the some real estates, property relating to land/ building (herein after will be written as ‘property’ or ‘real estate’) is one of the main sector where 90% money of the innocent people is invested on the shoulder of some property dealers, who even don’t have the basic knowledge of ‘property’. Some people who had lose their service/ business /study starts the business of property i.e., sale/purchase and/or renting of property. They even don’t know the basic alphabets of property or real estate.
It is not an easy job. A very large turnover in monetary as well as in quantum terms rotate every day in this sector. And generally peoples gives bayana/ earnest/ advance money without proper knowledge of formalities. The actual property dealer who deals in property/ real estate/land and/ or building should be very knowledgeable persons with having very good experience of at least 20 years from a very big firm/ real estate consultant involved in this line for at least more than 20 years. Because a large amount is involved in this trade and without proper knowledge/ formalities, this so called large amount could be on stake.
It looks very simple to get any deal matured of real estate. But as we go in dept, we find that knowledge like the Ocean is required and we are dealing with the knowledge like water in spoon. Some of the unfit property dealers open very big office like multinational company office with full pomp and show. It is not like that they don’t know how to talk; they are so clever in conversation that any one may be impressed from their way of conversation. They know the tactics to bring the buyer/ seller under pressure. We should beware of all these type of people and save our hard earned money.
It is not even very difficult or hard to identify these types of peoples. Generally the matured people go for purchasing of real estate. The important point is that how mature you are? You should be so matured to read the expression and working of the property dealers like stated above. I have seen in my experience of 32 years that most of the people in this trade are always ready to bring the innocent and simple people under pressure and get them purchased the same property which the above said property dealers want to get them purchased. And the simple and innocent people purchased the property under unexpected and undue pressure with proper knowledge of the purchased property. Only after purchasing, after giving full & final payment they feel how they are robbed in a sophisticated manner. But nothing can be done at that stage and the so purchaser took it as their destiny.
I have gone through many ups and downs of life and have seen many adversities of life. And always pray to God to keep each and every human being protected under his blessing. Now with lots of experience I am here to serve the people of my nation without any personal interest and with the knowledge I have acquired in my life.
At last, I, on behalf of my company (a consortium of Architect, Builder, Steward, Vaastu consultants, Realtors and Liaisonoers) promise to give my best with our skilled staff to give you the value for money you spend.

By: Jain K Associates

We are leading rohini realtors working in rohini delhi from last 32 years.

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