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You handled our offer retraction very openly and professionally, which unburdened the emotional weight we felt at making a wrong choice on such a huge financial obligation. We liked what we saw and you helped us write up the paperwork and make an offer. There were no “bad surprises” in our dealings. Everything that he told us regarding our transaction has happened just the way he said it would. Since the closing date, Bob continues to be very helpful to us with many things that have nothing to do with our transaction or real estate. Wailea real estate needs. Bob Wills is a “straight-shooter”, a true professional, and a genuinely nice guy. See you and Beth when we arrive on May 26 for our 6-month stay. In October we are seriously considering changing our property tax status to "Homeowner" because in 2012 we will use our condo as our primary residence.
Later in the week our offer was retracted because of the owner's slightly inaccurate statement that pets were allowed in the resort and we were looking for a condo that would accept our two dogs. The Koa Resort only allowed for cats (one cat per condo unit). Successful in your real estate endeavors, you need a realtor that is dedicated, knowledgeable with the ever changing Maui Real Estate market and proven to exceed clients' expectations. Let me have the privilege of helping you realize your Maui dream relationship began one overcast day in October 2008, when the weather was more suitable to go condo shopping instead of spending time at the beach. You were hosting an open house at the Koa Resort. Helping us back away from our purchase offer and getting our earnest money returned to us. Your openness in explaining your experiences with the condo association's rules and restrictions made it possible for us to feel comfortable and confident in what we were getting into. Your advice to have the condo professionally inspected prior to closing on our deal with the developer was another welcomed insight. Other advice and actions on your part have given us the well deserved satisfaction that your professionalism and consideration did not end when the sale was done.
You handled our offer retraction very openly and professionally, which unburdened the emotional weight we felt at making a wrong choice on such a huge financial obligation. In retrospect, the condo and the Koa Resort where not a good fit for us and I am so thankful to you for You assisted us in touring the unit. You provided helpful tips and clear suggestions on how comfortable the unit and location is and to what price the developer may accept as a reasonable offer.
Maybe it was just meeting the Maui Homes real estate agent at the right time, in the right place or just a fluke series of events, but I do know that without your encouragement, insightful information and enthusiasm we would not have moved in the right direction to gain our dream condo at Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas. Later that week we were still eager to find our condo that would perfectly fit our requirements and lifestyle and you spent hours with us in presenting other condo units that were on the market at the time. You invited us to your office in your home to make these presentations and we very much enjoyed your condo, its development (Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas) and location. Our condo search requirements matched exactly that of the Ke Ali'i Ocean Villas and you pointed us to an available two-bedroom unit within your villa.

By: nitesh sharma

You for helping us back away from Maui Homes Maui Homes is always in demand Wailea real estate our purchase offer and getting our earnest money

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