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Agitation outbreak years, the pursuit of wealth and show off to reach the peak of the era. His hands Known as the "godfather of the Wenzhou model" Fei Xiaotong investigation, not only for the development of private economy in Wenzhou government and support from the community, to make people free access to the Wenzhou model brought to them the various benefits, but also let the Wenzhou model With the demonstration of the country, famous the world the opportunity.
In October 1985, Wenzhou products on sale in Beijing, more than 60,000 customers to visit. Is well famous authentic seafood, local snacks, a complete series of escapement carving milk, uniform toughness "Long Mountain" Songhua egg, delicious and full-bodied nectar soy sauce, the smell Fang Yu wine Khan wine, as well as inexpensive The high quality of Wenzhou shoes are welcomed by the people of the capital. Exhibition period, before the packed counters. The exhibition end of the next day, 8 days, retail sales of 100 million, the bulk of $ 7 million yuan. It is this fame, Wenzhou "pioneers" of the momentum more fully the desire of wealth is more expansive.
Agitation outbreak years, the pursuit of wealth and show off to reach the peak of the era. His hands 78 gold rings, people everywhere. But this did not matter, because there has been better Wenzhou. Where people with style dinner, will last two soup, a seafood large bowl floating in a hundred-dollar bills folded into the boat, is to "smooth sailing", another Road Seafood large bowl, floating take a small The above rules to put the ten imported watches, here one table, as "the exemplar of mind.
The development of "Speed", almost deformed concept of wealth, for a few years after Wenzhou misfortune planted a hint.
Financial disaster in 1986, Wenzhou cargo fire burned the notorious the Liushi sudden agitation War ...... specific to the individual, Zhao Zhang Guang experience trademarks crisis Nan Cunhui refinement switch factory HU Cheng experience of cooperation itch "... all details: Haste makes waste, out of control is carried away.
A lot of private entrepreneurs in the eyes, and even that every day in the spring of 1992. Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech, China has entered the era of a universal business.
The time of reform and opening up 10 years<a href="">car cameras</a> from 1978 to the early 1990s, Wenzhou spent the first start-up stage: account for half of the private economy in Wenzhou strength; Wenzhou overall completion of the primitive accumulation of capital, In 1990, total private financial capital more than over 100 billion; market economy matures form of goods by the market regulator to achieve more than 97%; in rural areas, "one village one product" and "One Village One Product" massive economic layout the basic shape, over 500 million yuan output value of township in 1994 over 20; number of private entrepreneurs suffering from markets tempered gradually improve the quality of its leadership of the enterprise showed a strong vitality.

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