Leather winter jacket types and basic style tips

Leather jackets have a versatile appeal and thus the range of clothing merchandises is considered a classic fashion item across the ages. Fashion trends, as we all know, keep changing every now and then. Leather jackets have a versatile appeal and thus the range of clothing merchandises is considered a classic fashion item across the ages. Fashion trends, as we all know, keep changing every now and then. But these jackets are never likely to turn obsolete. This fashion item is undeniably a staple element in any functional wardrobe, either his’ or her’s. Unlike the other varieties of clothing items these jackets say a lot about your taste and temperament in fashion. These items are steeply priced. You have to pick up the right one to make the most out of your investment. And in order to make the right choice you must be aware about the varieties that exist under the broad category of jackets made of leather.
In the following section of the blog post let us explore the different varieties of the jacket that exist.
Jacket types
Bombers – this was actually designed for combat pilots steering fighter planes. This version has a simple design although the principal focus is given on its shape. The jackets are invariably tighter at the waist as well as the wrists. A bomber jacket is the ideal outfit while heading for a weekend ballgame with your chums or going out lunching during daytime. You can easily wear a range of supporting outfits with it to define and redefine your style statements.
Biker jackets – this variety of the clothing item was actually designed for motorcyclists. To cut a long story short, the cropped style jackets allowed riders to lean over the vehicles without the fastening getting into their body. Moreover, both pulling in and pulling out of the jackets were easier thanks to the zipper system. Innovatively styled jackets invariably gave people more of an edge in terms of fashion. Apart from zippers, this version of the product has many other features including poppers, buckles and ofcourse collars. The collar of biker jackets come with large, well-defined lapels that either snap down or fold over each other. Interesting although termed biker jackets, you can also wear this version and look equally dashing while you are not biking.
Racer jackets – as far as leather winter jackets for men are concerned, the discussion never makes any headway without mentioning racer jackets. As the name suggests, the version of the jackets was designed for race. After the end of the horrific World War II a large number of men found entertainment in racing motorbikes between neighborhood pubs and cafes. This activity proves proved a good means to keep tension at bay. On the other hand, this fueled the necessity for a minimalist jacket made of leather that was heavy at the back to provide sufficient protections from injury. The dressing also required a strong zipper at the front to ensure optimum insulation from the cold wind. Compared to the other styles of jackets, this variety comes with a slimmer fit and much smaller volume of detail.
Field jacket – this version was originally designed for military. A field jacket has lots of pockets and is much longer in length compared to the other varieties.
Flight jacket – this variety of leather jackets originally came with shearling lining and is meant for pilots and other members of the crew on board an aircraft to keep them warm and comfortable. This version is so appealing that now both aircraft crews and the common man wear it. This range of jackets made of leather is designed with lots of care and precision to strike the right balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.
Tips to properly wear jackets of leather
It is crucial that you choose the best fit item while buying a leather jacket. It is also important that the jacket matches the clothing that you already possess. In this context designers having years of experience in making bomber jackets suggest going for black. Because the color smoothly gels with almost anything or else you may go for brown.

While pairing outfits stick to neutral shades and make sure the overall appearance remains simple. It is also equally important to look confident in this range of jackets. Leather jackets are an awesome fashion statement for any age and they easily last a lifetime. Save them from rain and while storing away for the next season, place them on padded hangers so that they can retain their shapes.

By: Ravjit Singh

Ravjit Singh is a professional leather and fur expert. And he is in this niche over decades. With his tips, the first time bomber jackets buyers can buy the best products of the market.

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