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There was a time when men proudly owned only a few pairs of shoes: one for work, one for the weekend, and a pair of sandals or sneakers. The modern man has started showing a resemblance, in his attitude towards footwear, to what is stereotypically associated with women. Men, somehow, have always been as obsessed with shoes as much women, but of late they have been unabashedly honest about it. The most famous men in the world are known to have a weakness towards branded shoes. With a wide range of options now available to them, men are becoming more conscious about the importance of branded men’s shoes. They no longer buy a pair of functional shoes blindly, and team that up with any attire. We believe that a man’s shoe rack depicts the effort and imagination he has put in buying each pair.

It is true that there is a long way to go before men’s footwear becomes an absolutely ‘rule-free’ category. The good thing is that be it the runway or street fashion, the scope of what is acceptable in terms of men’s shoes has certainly broadened. We believe that every stylish man should handpick really trendy and fashionable branded shoes for himself. The most obvious question being – what are the must-have shoes for men?

To put rest to all your queries, we have compiled a list of shoes that every man should have in his wardrobe. This will be a good initiation for those who aren’t obsessed with shoes, and for the style lovers, a nice check list.

Loafers - Loafers are the hottest trend this season. They are the most versatile and stylish shoes available in the market today. Apart from adapting to multiple looks, they suit a wide variety of occasions. You can go for the ever-popular leather tasseled loafer, this season. Choose a pair to quirk up your regular attire (jeans and a casual shirt), or complement your tailored outfits.

Boat Shoes - Perfect for summers, boat shoes are your ‘go to’ with your shorts and T-shirts. I love how they look with chinos and turned up jeans. Wear a cotton suit and a plain polo shirt to further complement these shoes.
Quick Style Tip – When buying Loafers and Boots, go for colors like in black, brown, shades of red and tan. Navy and brown are a perfect choice for Boat shoes.

Brogues – This one is a timeless classic! Brown is the only colour one can think of when it comes to brogues. You can go for a tan or oxblood pair to experiment. They will look awesome with a formal suit, and are a smooth way to smarten up your jeans. Just make sure the fit of your jeans suit the brogues – a baggy is a big NO!

Boots – Boots have been an all-time favorite of fashionistas across the world. It is pretty easy to style them up. Wear them with everything except shorts and you have got it right. Be it ankle boots, biker boots or hiking boots, they are definitely the preppiest and most desired.

Sneakers – Functional, cool and comfortable, you can’t afford to not own a pair of sneakers! Try keeping it simple, and avoid the ones with excess detailing. To look really edgy try sporting them with contrast laces. A pair of black sneakers with blue/green laces or white sneakers with neon colored laces will look cool.

Remember, wearing wrong shoes let down an excellent outfit. If you end up choosing loud and garish pairs then that they end up clashing with the look as a whole. Keep it simple and stylish and you will not go wrong. So go ahead, and invest in the right pairs of branded shoes today.

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