How Brand Architecture Can Become Key Driver For Your Success

From the muddled array of commodities of a company it is quiet impossible to choose the exact item. The companies need to develop proper brand architecture to make this task easy for the customers. Brand architecture is commonly defined as the relation between the brand and the corporate bodies of the company. In the competitive market, customer satisfaction and reviews are the most important parameters for a brand. As the technology advances it has been very easy for a customer to surf the products of a company and study each and every detail of the product and decide which will suit best with their needs.
The most common problem every company faces is unorganized array of products. This confuses the customers from where to search or what to search and the utility of the products. Confusion drives the probable customers away and thus creating a negative impact on the growth of the company. This happens due to some reasons which are as follows.

# 1: Combining through procurement, fusion or rearranging without analysing consequences.
#2: Evolving new dimensions of a business without considering the knowledge required for it.
#3: Expanding the business margin to higher level.
#4: Creation of by-products which need to be explored.
All these are the ways of expansion of business yet it is also necessary to maintain the hierarchy of relation between the products to bring out the customer-friendly face of a brand. At this point the company needs to build a better brand architecture to fulfil this.

How Brand Architecture helps to success?

To answer this question we have to first understand the importance of Brand. Customers only know the brands not the companies. For example, let’s see about the company of COCA COLA. The company is worth nearly $175 billion, and the most popular product of this company makes up nearly 50% of this value. So you see it is not about any secret recipe it’s about the brand.

Brand is not only a logical component but also a financial one too. The brand architecture as a subject can be compared only with building planning. Like the planners the brand architects decide the structure of a brand. In a specific domain there are various brands available in the market. To differentiate a brand from other one this architecture is the best science. There are various advantages of branding. Few of them are discussed here.

* Consumers prefer branded products more than generic versions. Whenever a company is levelled with a brand, it automatically creates loyal consumers. This helps a lot in marketing.
* Loyalty also helps in setting higher prices. Consumers will never be discouraged by this step; rather go for it. As the brands always keep their promises of better quality and better customer satisfaction. This will help in economic growth of the company by expanding the market share less sales cost.
* This also helps in launching new product. With the trust of a big part of consumers the company gains confidence to launch new commodities as they know that the brand name will help.

By: Abhijit Phalke

The brand architecture is the relationship and hierarchy of various brands within an organization. The role of the brands within the portfolio should ideally determine the structure of the architecture. However, it is equally important to define the role of every brand within the architecture and align each brand with the overall philosophy of the corporate brand.

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