Warren Buffet: The Making of a Legend

Novice investors always struggle between value investing strategy and growth investing strategy. If you have the same dilemma, read along and know what Warren Buffet has to say. As an amateur stock market investor it is time for you to learn the basics of investing. You must have heard of the names of vintage stock market investors like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch right?

These persons can be hailed as the gurus of the stock market as they have this unique talent of identifying listed new companies in their nascent stage and then they go on to become the biggest companies in their sector.

These guys chose to go with value investing and that is what we are going to explain to you here. Guys like Lynch and Buffet chose to invest in these companies when the share prices of these companies were typically low and people did not even know the names of these companies.

And after a few decades, their invested amount of shares had a value in millions or even billions.

So should you choose to go with value investing and make Lynch and Buffet your guru?

What is that you need to see in a business before you invest in it for the long term?

First things first though…

Why is value investing more important than day trading?

You will see propensity groups for both types of investors in the stock market and that is a group who think that day trading is the better option and those who choose to go with the long term as a value investor.

Now, coming to the point if you see all the biggest names who have made a fortune out of the stock market were value investors.

You see, with value investing you need to choose a stock based on certain business parameters and then just wait.

With value investing strategy you don’t think about the daily ups and downs in the stock market. You want to invest small and then get a big corpus out in say next ten or fifteen years.

Who does not know the investing?

story of Warren Buffet and Coca Cola right?

What’s with value investing that you should know too?

Now coming to the cream part what are the basic or ground principles that you must know about value investing?

With value investing you choose to go with value research instead of doing technical analysis.

You find out the basic things about the company and its business such as the product competitiveness, business sustainability, growth, and expansion in the future, analyzing the financial statements of the company, checking out the loans and cash reserves of the company.

Final say…

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For more information please visit our website: https://www.vintagevalueinvesting.com/

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