When to Give Commercial HVAC Services Toronto A Call?

Maintain any of your HVAC units and provide the comfort your employees and clients deserve with commercial HVAC services Toronto. When running a commercial business, you have a number of things to deal with. That’s why you may forget to pay attention to your damaged HVAC units. HVAC is one of the under the radar factors of your business that has a major impact when it is not working properly. While an effectively running unit will help to ensure clean air quality and controllable temperatures with increased energy efficiency, having a failing unit can result in massive expenses both financially and medically.

Below are a few signs that your HVAC system requires an inspection, repair, or maintenance from a capable and certified technician:
A Musty or Burning Odor from the Vents

HVAC is designed to dehumidify the air every time it cools. This is the reason quality vents smell like mildew. But after some time, they may start to produce an acrid or moldy odor, which indicates some repair issues. The mold is usually a common problem that is easy to get rid of. However, a burning smell is a different case, which indicates an issue in some electrical parts and requires immediate attention from a competent technician.

Disruptive or Loud Noise

It is normal for any HVAC equipment to create noise while running. But when the sound is loud and likely to disrupt your employees and customers that could mean a big problem. If your unit starts hissing, it could indicate that the refrigerant line and internal valve are leaking. Sometimes, the compressor’s pressure is extremely high.

A clicking sound, on the contrary, is the result of electrical control issues, which are caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. Let an expert inspect your HVAC unit for a better and more accurate result to avoid any guessing games.

A Low Heat or Cold Temperature

Another problem with HVAC systems is that their thermostats and zone dampers may not always be in good condition. Since commercial HVAC appliances are larger, they require a greater number of thermostats to control various zones. When rooms get too hot or cold, the system’s zone control can be the culprit.

Constantly Increasing Utility Bills

There are several expenses to pay off when operating a commercial establishment, including the rent, employee’s salary, and electric bills. But imagine if your utility bills start to pile up although you keep the use of your appliances to a minimum. Why are your electric bills increasing? Your HVAC system could be the one to blame. Perhaps, some of its important components may be damaged, and a thorough inspection from commercial HVAC services Toronto can get your system back to normal and your energy bill back to a manageable cost.

Is your HVAC producing some moldy odor, disruptive noise, uneven temperature, or high utility bills? If yes, now may be the time to enlist the services of a reliable HVAC technician in Toronto.

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