Merge Go Popular Monster: Armored Moonkin

"Guard this place, this is the only thing you have to do." "Guard this place, this is the only thing you have to do."
It was once the most beloved pet of the Moon Goddess, possessing the violent bears and the friendliness of birds. Although bloated, it is full of unstoppable power. It can scream and deter enemies in the silent night and fight with foreign invaders. It is also a seemingly ruthless and ruthless onslaught Eudemons, and every piece of its feathers as sharp as a knife swears that it cannot be challenged.

"Would you like to compare my figure with me? I succeeded in...lost!" When rarely frolicking with other Eudemons, it is not good at talking and always blends into them with such a joke. Because this is also a rare and pleasant time for it, without thinking about crises, without falling into killing.

As an adult, its task of guarding this continent has become heavier. In addition to patrolling various places at night when everything is sleeping peacefully, it finds demons scattered around in the deep forest, points to escort the Eudemons lost in the thick fog, and hovering around. On the periphery of the mainland, I shot every corner in the air with sharp eyes. Put on thick armor and a weird helmet. Able to fight, brave and invincible. This is the ultimate mission of each of them.

When the warm sun shines through the clouds and sprinkles on the whole ground, nourishing every plant; when the monsters who have been sleeping all night wake up and enter a new day of life; when they work hard and happily build houses, Wandering happily in the campfire plants to gather magic crystals; when they welcome new festivals and celebrate feasts again and again... this worker can finally breathe a long breath and enter a short rest, because the night is coming again , It will once again be on duty.

"What is that? A black figure", a lamb enjoying the morning dew and tender grass was suddenly awakened by the glimpse of a big bird in the sky, and looked up. With tears, the old goat who accompanied it slowly looked to the sky, "Armored Moonkin, our hero."

If there are Monsters who have never heard of its roars in their dreams, and have never seen its sharp claw prints on the torn apart corpses of foreign invaders, then it proves that they have not yet appeared on this continent.

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