Top Free Boom Beach Tactics You Should Know

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Diamonds are a precious resource which is difficult to acquire in-game, but can be bought with real-world money. They can be used to speed up the construction of buildings and the training of troops. You don't have to use Diamonds when you start construction, but you might want to instantly complete a building after at least a fraction of its build time has elapsed. And gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice to buy boom beach diamonds.

Battle Basics
To win, you'll have to completely destroy your opponent's HQ – which is why you should focus your forces against this building. Forts and other defenses are secondary in importance, so you should destroy them solely as a means of reaching the enemy headquarters. In order to determine the best course of action, use the Scout button before attacking and get a sense of the enemy base's layout.

Build Up Residences
It can be very tempting to focus on defenses and troops when building up your armies, but don't forget to build up residences in Boom Beach. Why? Because residences are one of the few ways you can earn coins on your own island. Coins are another in-game currency that allow you to sail to theory islands (you can also use diamonds, but we suggest you save those for bigger upgrades). The more residences you have–and the more you level them up–the more coins you’ll earn without doing much. And since coins accrue even when you're not playing the game, it's like earning free (virtual) currency for doing nothing.

Save Major Upgrades & Reinforcements
While playing Boom Beach you can apply upgrades to your troops, bases, and defenses at any time. However, you can only apply one upgrade at a time. Depending on the upgrade it can take several minutes or even hours. That means that if you plan on playing for a while during your current session it's best to only perform small upgrades during gameplay. Save the big upgrades for right before you quit the game for the evening–because even when you exit the game the upgrading will progress That means in the morning your major upgrade will be complete while you were catching some Zs in the real world.

Bear these tips in mind and you can move further in Boom Beach. And gold.raiditem will go on updating useful Boom Beach cheats for you. BTW, don't hesitate to buy boom beach diamonds with more discounts here. Big bonus waiting for you!

By: Susie Jin

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