Why should you opt for private leasing of cars?

Read this interesting article in order to find out what are the reasons to opt for private leasing of cars. In today’s world cars have become an inseparable part of a household. With more and more people opting to buy cars, different finance options are being made available to the customers by the vehicle dealers. While the most common method followed earlier was to buy the vehicle using car finance, recent trends suggest that customers are tilting towards private leasing of cars as a more viable option. The major difference between the two methods is that while you become the owner of the vehicle in the first method, the leasing route demands that you return the vehicle to the dealer after the end of the lease period.
Mentioned below are some of the advantages of private leasing of cars that make this method popular among customers:

Forget about the fall in value of your cars

The biggest advantage of opting to buy your vehicle using the lease method is that you can completely forget about the depreciation aspect of your car. Under normal circumstances the vehicle you buy will keep diminishing in value each year you use it. After a few years when you plan to sell your used car you will come to find that the market value of your car is much lower than what you bought it for.

Whereas in a private car leasing method since you need to return the vehicle to the dealer at the end of the lease period you need not be worried about the depreciation part at all. It will also save you the trouble of having to find a good buyer for your used car. This is one of the key attractions that motivate many people to opt for the leasing method to buy cars.

Reduced impact on your finances

Another important aspect that makes private leasing of cars popular among people is the low impact it has on their finances. Take for example a situation wherein you are planning to buy a car using car finance. The first hurdle that you will have to cross is the huge initial deposit that you will have to make before availing the car finance. Whereas in the private leasing of cars route, the initial deposit that you will have to make is much lower. This makes this method hugely attractive to many people. The primary reason for this lower deposit is the fact that the buyer will return the vehicle at the end of the lease period.

Another benefit that people opting for the lease method enjoy is the reduced monthly installments that they will have to pay during the lease period. This makes private leasing of cars much more affordable to the customer. It also gives you the advantage of choosing a model that could be well above your budget if you were looking at purchasing the vehicle. This would not have been possible had you opted for the traditional car finance route. Thus leasing offers you the advantage of opting for a better vehicle model while making affordable monthly payments. Thus private leasing of cars is the right choice when it comes to getting the car of your dreams.

By: Philip Danielsen

To get even more information about the private leasing of cars (or as the Danes say privat leasing af biler) follow this link. You can also watch VW latest commercials on this website.

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