Can your New Car become a Smart Asset for you?

Usually, a car is an asset and not an investment because it will not generate income. However, you can follow a few financial tips to get higher resale value for the asset and transform it into a successful buying decision. Is a car an investment? Is it an asset? And, is buying a vehicle a wise financial decision? A lot of people face dilemmas when they are upgrading their vehicle model and choosing a new one.

Is your Car an Investment or an Asset?

Since a car purchase involves investing a large amount of money, car buyers have to make smarter financial decisions. Investments give you returns over time, e.g., when you buy a piece of land or purchase stocks, and their value increases over time. On the other hand, an asset is a property that enables you to meet debts and commitments. Also, it is something of value that depreciates with time.

A personal car doesn’t earn money. Hence, you cannot term it as an investment. However, a car enables you to reach your place of work. It allows you to earn income. So, in that sense, a car can be your asset for getting better work opportunities.

The value of your vehicle reduces the moment it is out of the dealership lot. Once you realize that buying a car is not an investment but an indispensable purchase or an asset, you will understand the importance of getting a higher resale value in the future.

What Things to remember when buying a New Car?

Here are some tips to remember while buying a car to ensure the maximum resale value:

1. Make a Huge Down Payment

Whenever you buy a car, make a big down payment to reduce the total loan amount. When paying a large sum of money as a down payment, you get to enjoy fewer monthly payments. You can also opt for smaller monthly payments and longer loan terms. It means a down payment amount enables you to buy a costlier and more luxurious car than before. It also gives you several options to pay back the loan amount.

2. Avoid Customizing the Vehicle

People generally spend a hefty amount in personalizing their cars. They install expensive music systems, paint the vehicle in custom colors, choose oversized wheels and tires, tint the windows and even make performance modifications. Customizations increase the cost. But they will not help you get a higher selling price in the future. It means you will not get any extra amount for making all the changes to your vehicle.

3. Low Rate of Interest

If you are applying for auto financing programs, your goal should be to get as low-interest rates as possible. A lower interest rate on auto loans will deliver affordable monthly payments and an easy repayment schedule. This way, when you are selling the vehicle, you will avoid the chances of an upside-down car loan. If you want to reduce your liabilities in the future, find a lender who can offer you a low-rate auto loan.

If you have a bad credit score, consider working with a subprime lender to improve your loan approval chances. Sometimes, subprime financing companies offer no cosigner and no down payment options. So, discuss your requirements in detail before signing the dotted line.

4. Regular Maintenance is a Must

Always keep your vehicle clean. Do not drive it without regular maintenance. Repair the minor dents and small damages on an immediate basis. The better your car looks, the higher will be its selling price in the future.

Remember that when anyone comes to buy a used car, they will look for the damages and offer a price depending on the vehicle's condition. They will deduct any money from the selling price that they will have to pay towards future repairs and maintenance. Hence, if you want to ensure a higher sale value for your car, maintain a strict maintenance schedule.

Higher Resale Value = A Smarter Financial Decision

If you follow the financial tips, you will ensure a higher resale value for your car. This way, you can generate a higher amount even after considering the depreciation rate. And, instead of simply being a dead asset, you will be able to transform your car into a smart financial decision.

By: Adam Porter

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