Food and Beverages Elevates Our Happiness Quotient

Eating super foods and drinking healthy beverages will surely keep you happy and remove your guilt trips when indulging in it. Eating super foods and drinking healthy beverages will surely keep you happy and remove your guilt trips when indulging in it.

With still little chill in the air, our first instinct is to have a nice cup of tea or piping hot coffee. But the couple of teacups we consume in a day loaded with milk and sugar good for our health. May be a point to ponder and make better choices or may be take the middle path of bringing moderation in whatever we eat and drink. Opting for healthy beverage coupons can make your life a bit easier and a lot healthier.

1.Water is the best beverage- Water is the best beverage for your waistline with zero calories. Its is essential for your body and prevents constipation, dehydration and kidney stones. Taking one or two cups of water can aid you in taking less fat, salt and sugar. If you feel water is too plain a beverage then you can add your touch by squeezing lemon, few berries or herbs like mint.
2. Filtered Coffee- There has been misconception about coffee and its intake. New studies have shown that coffee might protect you against type 2 diabetes, liver disease and lower your chances of heart disease. It is a healthy beverage option provided you go easy on sugar content and cream. If you have high cholesterol, then go for filter coffee.
3.Tasteful and Healthy Tea- Green, black, blue and all kinds of tea are packed with antioxidants protects you from cancer, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. The healthiest kinds are the ones you brew at home- without added sugar.
4.Milk- Milk is a powerhouse of nutrients like calcium, vitamin d, potassium which keeps your teeth, muscles, and bones healthy. One cup of milk has more protein than a large egg. To get more nutrition and fewer calories, adopt low fat milk and skim options. Also, those who are lactose intolerant can reap same nutritious benefits from non- diary milks like soy and almond.
5.Fruit Juice- A cup of no sugar added juice with breakfast will give you vitamins of its original fruit. However, eating a complete fruit is little healthier as it gives you the goodness of fibre.
6.Smoothies- For some of us consuming veggies and fruits brings nightmares. Thereby, getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet through smoothies can be a good solution. They have vitamins also a bit of fibre.
7.Coconut Water- Clear liquid which you would find if you cracked open a coconut. It has richness of electrolyte and natural sugar. Thus, is a good source rehydrate yourself after a strenuous workout.

You are not only what you eat but also a major part of you reflects what beverage you drink on a day-to-day basis- lets make good choices for a healthier you.

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